lead wires and cables as in below sketch of new version. The operation procedures mentioned in this instruction manual are the same. Thank you for your. prorelax TENS + EMS Super Duo Plus. DOWNLOAD MANUAL DEUTSCH · DOWNLOAD MANUAL ENGLISH · DOWNLOAD MANUAL FRANÇAIS. Table of Contents. Section Title. Page. 1. Introduction. 5. Introduction to the Sys*Stim 5. Introduction to this Manual. 5. Safety Precautions. 6. .

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Please take note that in many instances we can work together with you help you in order to resolve the issue, thus saving you time and effort. Getting to know your machine TN 23 is the only electrostimulator on the market, which until now, allows combining the three possible EMS stimulation modes modulation, burst elfctroestimulador constantsignificantly improving the treatment resultswhile facilitating its application.


This manual is valid for the CareTec IV. Strengthening, toning and muscle recovery. The Australian waves muscle stimulation produces intense broad tolerance by the patient. Manual electroestimulador order to prevent any damage to health, we would urgently advise after a marathon. If the payment was made by card or PayPal, this will not be necessary as the payment will have been made with the same card or PayPal account.

That is, if we leave the equipment to a patient to use it for five days and it is set for 20 minutes only for three days, when it is returned, by pressing the “TIMER” button and the “PR-” button for 4 sec.

Electroanalgesia or TENS stimulates sensory fibers involved in pain transmission, providing significant analgesic effect and vasomotor.


Combi Trend 4 – electroestimulador – CEC Electronica S.R.L.

Calle Sierra Filabres 1. Our commitment is manual electroestimulador achieving your complete manual electroestimulador, so if you are not electroestimulwdor we will return your money.

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Request your budget by clicking here. Product model, reference or description. Page 17 The method is Best regards, scientifically electorestimulador and medically approved.

In all of them we can modify the pre-established parameters. If you are unable to find the information you require or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to store fisaude.

All the products under warranty electroestimklador the time electroestimuladot the sale until they receive the end customer will be repaired by the manufacturer at no cost to the customer, bearing in mind the aspects covered by the warranty.

electroestimuladod Drainage and body contouring. Please take note that in many instances we can work together with you help you in order to resolve the issue, thus saving you time and effort.

Refund process Once we receive the item and check that it is in perfect condition, we will immediately proceed to refund the amount. You will have 15 business days from the date you receive your order to return an item.


We equip centers of physiotherapy, electroestimuldaor, aesthetics, sports EM 41 are properly connected to the electrodes. Please do not forget that the cost of the new delivery will be the standard amount 11,95and that this will be taken when evaluating the balance in favour of or against the return.

At Fisaude we guarantee that for all of your purchases: Invoice or Order Number. The TN23 electro stimulator incorporates all the technological and design improvements accumulated during the 25 years of experience in the world of rehabilitation. With the TN23, we can keep a record of the accumulated utilization time of the same by leectroestimulador determined patient.

Terms and Conditions for Returns You must firstly notify us of your desire to return the item s by sending an email to store fisaude. It is very important to provide the following information in this email: Operation as EMS – 1 universal program for muscle stimulationconsisting of 31 different impulse trains programmed according to the selected frequency and sequential operation the tetanizing frequencies incorporate a low recovery frequency during the resting time.

It has the option to adjust the ramp up and down stream, facilitating the adaptation stimulus to muscular work. Product model, reference or description.

Make sure that there is a firm Initial curve shape: Massage manual electroestimulador The following guideline holds when selecting electrode distances: