The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours It was a distinct pleasure to finally read this vintage mid-’70s bestselling horror. I was digging through my collection of horror novels and came across an excellent but mostly forgotten classic: Graham Masterton’s The. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A chilling tale.” —Kirkus Reviews Praise for Graham Masterton “A master of the genre.” —Rocky Mountain News “Graham Masterton.

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Thanks for the rec on Masterton.

Book ratings by Goodreads. A culturally-insensitive mashup of Native American religious practices manitku Cthulhu mythos, but still one of the most inventive and scary horror novels ever written. In his quest for the cause, he encounters Jenica of Romanian descent.

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Revenge of the Manitou

I wouldn’t say its a classic but its certainly maniitou. Nothing about the writing itself deserves a 4 star rating, but the lovecraftian references and the improvements in plot over its predecessor make for a very enjoyable sequel.

Open Preview See a Problem? Masterson has the gift of putting his characters in seemingly inescapable danger and allowing them to resolve it without ridiculous plot twists that make you want to smack him! All characters, not just Harry, are convincing and fun to follow.

A slickly crafted style, half first person, half usual narrative, yet blended in a way that the reader is not displaced by the style. Why does Harry go from lovable con artist to superhero, especially for someone he does not know?


Well written, just descriptive enough. Th A strange disease has overtaken New York City. At this time he started to write a bestselling series of sex ‘how-to’ books including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

The horror however, is more subtle than his later Masterton’s sequel to his successful Manitou ticks all the boxes for a successful horror novel.

Dipped into historical lore and legend, the reading is rich, the history and background making it all the more fascinating.

Manitou Blood (Manitou, #4) by Graham Masterton

Published October 1st by Tor Books first published The ‘birth’ or ‘rebirth’ scene is particularly gross and well done. The ancient, potent primary villain is one pissed off spirit to be reckoned with.

Jan 19, Kinksrock rated it manitku liked it.

The Lusty Ladies of Paperback Horror. Far fetched and often ridiculous, but just plain fun. I first read this book when I was about 13, and it scared me to read it back then, in my room alone, in the dark. You are commenting using your WordPress. Director Girdler, who died shortly after completion of the film, showed a great deal of promise with “The Manitou,” juggling a host of special effects laden scenes that are still effective–others merely dated but my belief suspension is very forgiving and there are enough to keep this a visual rollercoaster ride much like “Equinox,” so one doesn’t linger long on what fails to stick.


I will read more Graham Masterton — I will not, however, read any more books in the Manitou series. Heavenly rated it it was amazing Nov 22, This was the first Graham Masterton book I ever read and I loved it so much that I read it time and again, saw the movie, read the sequels, as well as many other books by the same author, and now I have it in audio. This, the first sequel, came four years later, and straight away I can see an improvement in his writing, though he continues to omit anything that resembles character development.

Revenge of the Manitou (Manitou, #2) by Graham Masterton

Or, in the case of this book, both. Masterton’s stuff will never be mastedton with the great literary works, but, then again, all those great literary works fail to be the page turners that Mastertons’ novels are IMO. However, Curtis referring to Misquamacus as “the Mixmaster” was a delight.

Convincing doctors to the terror, the horrendous evil Now where is my copy of night warriors. It dro I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I read this book out of order. It’s Terry Pratchett style, with a historical idea mastertkn warped for modern day story-telling – no bad thing at all.