Concepto Procedimientos que se llevan a cabo para alejar a una persona de la zona de peligro trasladarla a una zona segura. Depende del. A: PERMEABILIZACIÓN DE VÍA AÉREA B: VALORACIÓN DE LA RESPIRACIÓN MANIOBRA DE RAUTEK. Proyecto de entrenamiento de seguridad en vehiculos electricos de la NFPA. Hojas de rescate de vehiculos. .. Maniobra de Rautek.

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This maneuver allows unconscious people to be moved from areas of danger with limited effort on part of the rescuer, even if he is much smaller than the victim.

Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade. DescarcelacionMaterialesRescateRescate en Vehiculos. Views Read Edit View history. Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Hong Kong Fire Service Department.

The goal of this report is to assemble and disseminate best practice information for fire fighters and fireground incident commanders to assist in their decision making process for handling electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Approach him from behind, putting both your arms under his armpits.

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If a second rescuer is available, he can carry the legs. Victoria State Emergency Service. Do not stumble while walking backwards! Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade. Fielding Volunteer Fire Brigade.


La biblioteca del parque. Guia para servicios de salvamento. Bring the victim into a sitting position, making sure that both legs are free. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Posted in DescarcelacionRescateRescate en Vehiculos. Hawera Volunteer Fire Brigade. The project deliverables will be in the form of a written report, which will include best practices that can serve as the basis for training program development by others.

Posted in DescarcelacionFormacionManualesT. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Retrieved from ” https: Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade. Sierra de sable ,21 Kb.

Franz Rautek — was a martial arts teacher manobra ViennaAustria.

Franz Rautek

Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. DescarcelacionTecnicas de Intervencion Comentarios desactivados en Estabilizacion de vehiculos. This avoids injury to the ribs of the victim by maniobrz thumb of the rescuer. Retirada casco motoristas I ,65 Kb. Rescuers also should move slow and deliberate to avoid self-injury. Posted in DescarcelacionFormacionM.

Both your hands then grab one of the lower arms of the victim with all fingers and the thumbs being placed on top of that lower arm and parallel to each other so called monkey grip, [1]. Guia de Descarcelacion para Vehiculos Hibridos.

First aid births deaths. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hojas de rescate de Opel. There are obvious dangers for victims with spinal injuries or osteoporosistherefore victims should be moved only if the situation absolutely requires it e.


Papel del Asesor de Interior ,50 Kb. The victim contacts the ground with buttocks and legs, which are not “soft parts”. Extrication Guide for Hybrids vehicles.

Gently lifting the upper body of the victim by the grabbed arm and supporting him with your thighyou can now drag him backwards. This includes electric and hybrid electric vehicles, which are introducing new and unexpected hazards to fire fighters and other emergency responders.

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He is best known as the inventor of the rescue maneuver named after him. La entrada no fue enviada. Generalitat De Catalunya Granollers. Royal Berkshire Rescue Team.


This has taken naniobra identical approach and focuses on assembling and disseminating best practice information for fire fighters and fireground incident commanders to assist in their decision making process. Posted in DescarcelacionM. Tasmania Fire Service, Hobart.