Malinda Cramer is the Founder of Divine Science and the Author of: Lessons in Science and Healing. Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth. The Divine Science Movement has two roots, each considered a separate work, that later combined. The first root began in by Malinda E. Cramer of San. Often overlooked Malinda Cramer was one of the most important early leaders of the New Thought movement. She is frequently described as ahead of her time.

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New Thought Wisdom

Only recently have any new Divine Science churches been formed for 50 years. Most of her life she had been ill, seeking out doctors for all kinds of treatment. New Thought Branches Unity: She felt the name Divine Science which had been used in India and Europe to describe the mystic arts was the best description for her form of New Thought. Up until this time they had been faithful, practicing Presbyterians. After 25 years of suffering through this painful malady, she awoke one morning inglanced out the window and began her prayers.


InMalinda Cramer came to Denver, Colorado.

Malinda Elliott Cramer – New Thought and Divine Science Authors

Finding True Love Online. She became a major teacher of New Thought and called her teachings Divine Science.

Alethea Brooks Small; I cra,er in very poor physical condition; able to eat only very soft and specially prepared food. Command And Master Your Emotions.

Over the years many churches craemr founded in the name of Divine Science but all were autonomous and none were part of Malinda’s original school. It was not long before we had systematized the teaching. Bingham had been teaching, while Nona began providing healing treatments in her free time. Nona Brooks, teacher-minister-healer, traveled on tours teaching and healing throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

One morning inwhile in prayer she simply asked, “Is there a way out of my condition? A friend of her sister, Althea, met Mrs. Despite nearly 25 years of medical treatment Malinda married Charles Lake Cramer and bore three sons.

New Thought Branches: Divine Science

A partnership was formed. Be a conduit of good for all souls you encounter They attended classes taught by Mrs. A Guide To Anger Management. Malinda then sought out Emma Curtis Hopkins to strengthen her understanding of this Divine experience. Malinda Cramer was born in and moved to San Francisco for health reasons in If you are ever feeling blue and need something to do in order to feel like you make a difference.


HI Background of New Thought. The Law Of Success. Born into a malinnda family of eleven children.

She lectured and traveled extensively even to Australia and the United Kingdom. Like many other early New Thought leaders, she studied with the “teacher of teachers,” Emma Curtis Hopkinsand as Malinda let go of old habits of belief, she was healed.

The Wonderful Power Of Charisma. Malinda Cramer Founder of Divine Science. When you click on one of the following links a new window will open with details of the book. What is Divine Science? View the discussion thread.

The answer was within and illuminated her consciousness like the rising sun.

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