Consult DENTSPLY MAILLEFER’s entire Product Catalogue catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ Advancing the treatment of dental disease is more than DENTSPLY Maillefer’s great legacy – it’s our ongoing promise. That’s why, throughout this catalog, you. Product Catalogue .. You may order DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER instruments in two ways: 1. by DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER reference numbers, REF 2. by ISO.

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Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Radix fiber post” P. Compared to diamond cutters, this bur: These MAP sytems,endo- and retro-kits, are dedicated not only to specialists in endodontics,but will also be very helpful for generalists who can be led to use thesedevices in their Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Uniclip” P.

Uniclip – DENTSPLY MAILLEFER – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Technical modifications on our products are not subject to notifications. Specially developed tooth geometry pronounced cutting angle Efficient cutting and good material evacuation Sensitive touch transmission when in contact with healthy dentine Tactile distinction between healthy and carious dentine Reduced neck Good visibility Green identification ring Stainless steel shank Tungsten carbide head and neck.

Irrigation A best-practice irrigation protocol not only kills bacteria but also cleans out debris to clear the way catalogeu a successful, dense fill. We love hearing from our customers.

Our large and proven line-up of endodontic instruments Extended neck; tapered catalouge part, oval and cutting at the tip Wide field of vision assists guidance; simple insertion along small impacted parts Applications: Related Searches Dental plugger Catxlogue Dental lead Dental mirror handle Root canal irrigator Stainless steel drill bit Ultrasonic insert Cordless micromotor Endodontic file Dental instrument equipment support Piezoelectric ultrasonic insert Dental excavator Rotary endodontic file Endodontic ultrasonic insert Double dental excavator Reciprocating endodontic file Endodontic reamer Manual endodontic file Contra-angle Micromotor.


Have you ever been worried by the fragility of certain things? Open the catalog to page 3.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Thermaprep” P. Traditionally, this part of the procedure wasperformed with manual files. Working pressure Do not operate the bur with a pressure of more than gr.

Gutta core – DENTSPLY MAILLEFER – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Obturation Solution” P. A best-practice irrigation protocol not only kills bacteria but also cleans out debris to clear the way for a successful, dense fill. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Inject the impression material into the retention box and around the root post or posts.

Technical modifications on our products are not subject to notifications.

All DENTSPLY MAILLEFER catalogs and technical brochures

Ctalogue to their tooth pattern geometry, these burs are specially recommended for the removal of mailleffr and composite fillings.

Active laterally no vibrations on account of its 6 helical cutting edges Active at end by means of its hemispherical, cutting tip 6 helical cutting edges: Instruments can be disinfected by immersion Open the catalog to page 2.

To order Maillefer products, contact your dealer Finishing work on composite fillings. An important step in the endodontic procedure isthe creation of a glide path, with the goal of securingthe root canal path before the use of a shaping filesystem.


Call Toll-free in the U. Open the catalog to page One should avoid sudden changes of the speed as well as any jamming of the bur. After the cutting edges of the active part have been ground cataloguue a precision tool impregnated with fine grained diamond, each bur individually undergoes a strength test. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Cavity Access Set” P.

Crosslinking is a well-establishedscientific process that connects the polymer chainsand transforms the mailleer to make The ideal bur to produce a funnel-shaped opening of the pulp cavity to give access to the root orifices.

These burs with a fine cut and axial tooth pattern have the following advantages over diamond cutters: Open the catalog to page 8.

It is very important at this stage to usea plugger ex: Fax Toll-free in the U. Cleaning and sterilization Some liquids used for cleaning or disinfection may corrode the bur. Inverted cone Cstalogue end E plain cut E cross cut Flat end Cavity preparation with widening or undercut depending on the inclination of the bur.

From hand-rolled gutta-percha points and absorbent paper points to pluggers and spreaders made