The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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Although the compose menu may have localized header labels, the labels passed to your editor will be standard RFC headers, e.

Mutt and HTML email –

Posted by dannyboy This will prompt for umtt query, then bring up the query menu which will list the matching responses. If that isn’t present either, Mutt takes the user’s mailbox in the mailspool as determined at compile-time which may also reside in the home directory. This is especially useful for personal email between a group of people or when you’ve subscribed to mailing lists. Note that the search commands in the pager take regular expressions, which are not quite the same as the more complex patterns used by the search command in the index.

As a result, any variable can be assigned any value given that its content is valid for the mailca.

If the email contains any attachments, you will see more information about them below the email body, or, if the attachments are text files, you can view them directly in the pager. This variable specifies the file where the certificates you trust are saved. The domain is then looked up using the gethostname 2 and getaddrinfo 3 functions. Mutt does not poll POP3 folders for new mail, it only periodically checks the currently opened folder if it’s a POP3 folder.

Embedding push in folder-hook. So if you have a common sequence of commands you type, you can create a macro to execute those commands with a single key or fewer keys.

Character set your terminal uses to display and enter textual data. However, the expansion can be deferred to runtime, as shown in the next example, when escaping the dollar sign.

  1492 DR6 PDF

I just came back to mutt after years of evolution, thunderbird and mail. Besides many other possibilities, this could be used to automatically mark your own messages in a mailing list folder as read or use a special signature for work-related messages. Alternatively, a pine-compatible notation is also supported, i.

Mutt will automatically enter this mode when invoked from the command line with mailxap -y option. The folder-hook command provides a method by which you can execute any configuration command.

To give the user a good overview, it is possible to configure Mailcal to show different things in the pager with different colors.

How I Read HTML E-mail with Mutt – TerminalMage dot NET

All files can be removed as needed if the consumed disk space becomes an issue as Mutt will silently fetch missing items again. Anyway, messages like this are usually not worth reading.

Pressing TAB will bring up a menu showing the files specified by the mailboxes command, and indicate which contain new messages. If the pattern given to nospam is exactly the same as the pattern on an existing spam list entry, the effect will be to remove the entry from the spam list, instead of adding an exception.

Also, the internal pager supports a couple other advanced features.

If not, data will be lost. This function toggles the display of the quoted material in the message. This is necessary since Mutt will handle certain header fields, such as Attach: By default, none of them are bound to keys.

Since user-defined variables are expanded in the same way that environment variables are except for the shell-escape command and backtick expansionthis feature can be used to make configuration files more readable. If set to nocomposing messages with no subject given at the subject prompt will never be aborted.

The lower level 2 only shows errors, the higher level 5 all including raw Inotify events. When you press key in menu menuMutt will behave as if you had typed sequence. This can be used with message-hook to autoview messages based on size, etc. Posted by Steve Your mileage may vary. This will cause the mailbox to be rescored after it is opened and input starts being processed:. In addition, you can then use the test feature to determine which viewer to use interactively depending on your environment.


Patterns matching lists of addresses notably c, C, p, P and t match if there is at least one match in the whole list. Once you have successfully finished the milcap selection, the message will be kailcap using the selected public keys when sent out.

First, preventing you from receiving duplicate copies of replies to messages which you send to mailing lists, and second, ensuring that you do get a reply separately for any messages sent to known lists to which you are not subscribed.

Note that the brackets in these class names are part of the symbolic names, and kailcap be included in addition to the brackets delimiting the bracket list.

This results in broken discussions because Mutt has not enough information to guess the correct mallcap. This hook works like folder-hook but is invoked whenever Mutt needs to access a remote mailbox including inside the folder browsernot just when you open the mailbox. The Compressed Folder patch allows Mutt to read mailbox files that are compressed.

Utilities like biff or frm or any other program which accesses the mailbox might cause Mutt to never detect new mail for that mailbox if they do not properly reset the access time. The ungroup command is used to remove addresses or regular expressions from the specified group nutt groups.

The next field is the encoding for the attachment, which allows maiocap binary message to be encoded for transmission on 7bit links.

Mutt and HTML email

The suggested fix worked without a hitch. Articles and comments are the property of their respective posters.

This command available in the index and pager allows you to edit the raw current message as it’s present in the mail folder.