Anna University, Chennai Department of Computer Science Engineering ( Common to I.T) Fourth Semester MA Probability and Queueing. Subject Code: MA Subject Name: Probability and Queuing Theory Type: Question Bank Edition Details: Kings Edition Syllabus. MA — PROBABILITY AND QUEUEING THEORY (Regulation ). ( Common to Information Technology) Time: Three hours Answer ALL Questions PART.

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Non Markovian queueing model: Poisson process is a counting point process representing the number of occurrences of certain event in a finite collection of non overlapping statistically independent time arrivals. MA Question Bank – 2. What are the different types of Random process. This is a multiple server model with finite syllanus. There are four types of random process.

PQT (MA) – Computer Science Engineering ()

Potential customers, who arrive when all 5 chairs are full, leave without entering shop. The arrival pattern with 12cars per day. November 19, 0.

Probability and Queueing Theory 8 Subject Code: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. When do you say the Markov chain is homogeneous? If the power supplied to the factory is 12 million kilowatt hours, what is the probability that this power supply will be inadequate on any given day?

Identify the ma262 equation on y on x: What is the average calling rate for the services of the crane and what is the average delay in getting service? Define i Continuous time random process 2 Discrete random process.


Find the marginal density function. The service time is not following exponential distribution. No customer may leave the system.

Discrete random process 4. Find the probability that 11 particles are counted in 4 minutes. Find all the marginal distributions and conditional probability distributions. The message syllwbus are modelled as two independent Poisson processes, with rates 20 per hour for the short messages and 15 per hour for the long messages.

The customer who has finished is billing job has to wait until the delivery section becomes free. Also customers can return to the nodes already visited. Find the ma2226 number of cars in the service station, the average number of cars waiting for service and the average time a car spends in the system.


In series queuesthere are a series of service stations through which each calling unit must progress prior to leaving the system. System depends on time t, Steady state: Correlation coefficient is the geometric mean of regression coefficients 2. Find i The proportion of customers who enter the supermarket. However if she buys B or C the next week she is 3 times as likely to buy A as the other cereal.

If letters arrive for being typed at the rate of 15 letters per hour, find the traffic intensity. Joseph The Dreamer – christ connect church. Given that B is a R. Probability and Queueing Theory 3 1 Subject Code: If the average service time is cut to 8.


What are the differences between Markovian and non Markovian queueing model? It has found that most types of major news stories occur as Poisson processes. The length of a phone call is assumed to be distributed exponentially with mean 4 min. Pn1n2 represent the probability that syllabuz are n1 customers in station 1 and n2 customers in station 2.

There are four types of random process 1. Assuming that the system behavior may be approximated by the two-stage tandem queue, determine the average repair time.

It is given that X be the daily water consumption of the locality in million litres and X follows gamma distribution with average of 3 million litres. Show that the process is not stationary. Write the Physical conditions of Binomial distribution. Calculate the probability that the yard is empty. The town sylllabus a daily stock of 35, litres. The source syllabbus particles at the rate of 6 per minute.