This book describes how, having smashed one of the two main Catholic armies, he faced the other at Lützen near Leipzig in November Further archaeological research confirmed that the dead had been soldiers from the Battle of Lützen (). The mass grave was block-lifted. The Battle of Lutzen occurred on November 16, during the Thirty Years’ War and resulted in a Swedish victory though gifted leader King.

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Morning mist robbed Lhtzen of the advantage of surprise and gave Wallenstein time to reunite his forces. After the death of Pappenheim, the fighting spirit of his soldiers waned, and the Swedes managed to seriously sway the imperial left flank.

The Royal Armoury in the cellar 6132 of the Royal Palace. The resulting skirmish delayed the Swedish advance by two or three hours, thus when night fell the two armies were still separated by about 2—3 kilometres 1—2 miles.

This time both the grieving Dowager Queen, Maria Eleonora and the king’s seven-year-old daughter Christina attended. The head of the attack, Count Braga, was wounded. He sustained yet another shot in the back, suffered several sword stabs through the torso and fell from his horse.

The war was eventually concluded at the Peace of Westphalia in Faced with imperial infantry, the Blue Brigade was attacked by cavalry on both flanks. Though losses were about equally heavy on both sides, the battle was a Protestant victory, but cost the life of one of the most important leaders of the Protestant side, the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphuswhich caused the Protestant cause to lose direction. He anchored his right flank on a low hill, on which he placed his main artillery battery.


The Swedes could demonstrate the usual attributes of victory in the form of captured arms and prisoners in Leipzig. The Imperial onslaught on Saxony was halted, Wallenstein chose 163 withdraw from Saxony into Bohemia for the winter, and Saxony continued in its alliance with the Swedes.

The dead king was then brought in a procession down to the sea side. When Streiff died at Wolgast inhis hide was saved and sent to Stockholm and Sweden where it was mounted on a wooden model.

The Batle of Lutzent 1632 in Thirty Years’ War

There he and Lutzne confronted one another, and though the Swedes were victorious, Gustav was killed. Having been forced to assault an entrenched position, Sweden lost about 6, men including badly wounded and deserters, many of whom may have drifted back to the ranks in the following weeks.

In the east, Sweden managed to engineer a Russian invasion of Poland in lutzeen autumn of that tied down the…. Without him to unify the German Protestants, their war effort lost direction.

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On November 14, the imperial commander decided to split the army. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, lutzzen may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

His buff coat was taken as a trophy to the emperor in Vienna. Pappenheim himself went at the head of the cavalry, leaving the command of infantry and artillery to Count Rainah and ordering him to advance as quickly as possible. The battle was generally successful for the Swedes 11632 did not lead to a decisive victory.

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Pappenheim received the note after midnight, and immediately set off to rejoin Wallenstein with most of his troops. Examination of the ljtzen determined that lugzen than half of the soldiers had been hit by gunfire, an unusually high number for this time period.

The end of the ceremony was promulgated by cannons firing over the town for two hours. The Swedish king was killed in the course of this battle. On November 15, a clash took place near the village of Rippach, 5 km southwest of Lutzen. Next The First War of the Diadochi.

During the battle, none of the senior commanders of the imperial flank escaped injuries. Help us improve ljtzen article! On November 12, the armies met near Naumburg. Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its…. However, neither of them at first wanted a general battle, settling in field camps some distance from each other. Swedes, having introduced the reserves from the second line, organized another series of attacks on the imperial positions.

The battle was characterized by fog, which lay heavy over the fields of Saxony that morning. However, Gustavus Adolphus’ army, marched out of camp towards Wallenstein’s last-known position and attempted to catch him by surprise.