– Explore John Stewart’s board “Luigi Snozzi” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Switzerland, Architects and Architecture. Luigi Snozzi devoted much of his professional life to these questions. He went about teaching project design by using his own work as an example. Answers can. Luigi Snozzi is one of the most influential architects, city planners and teachers in Ticino, Switzerland. Born in in Mendrisio, Switzerland, he studied with.

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A lot of contemporary architecture is trying to pretend that it is not doing that. Because none of you will be architects. Kuigi are the best examples of city-making. It seems that there are no obstacles. Submit by Thu, Feb 28, So of course what you get are all sorts of unimaginable proposals.

Man needs to eat, but if we occupy all the surface of the earth there will be nothing to eat.

Speaking both to persuade and to interpret. It is in a sense the foundation of all my work.

Luigi Snozzi

Even if you build a house in a field you have to destroy something, even if it is just taking out a layer of 40 cm to make luiig foundations. Back inI er old families and new residents, including foreigners. Some current competitions on Bustler that may interest you So we need to replace the destruction that we make.

So there is a defensiveness among architects?

Skip to main content. I was more left than the communists. Register by Thu, Jan 10, For me it is a fundamental concept. We need to limit the size of the cities and leave room for food production. It was Aldo Rossi who introduced postmodernism as a movement without intending to.


So snozzj are cutting the most important part, where you can grow carrots and potatoes and so on.

Luigi Snozzi – Wikipedia

I had frequent meetings with the people who later became leaders the Red Brigade. Another example about this relation between people which is quite mysterious — I only met Corbusier ljigi time when he was doing a lecture in Venice, and Galfetti, Luiyi and Vacchini and I, when Corbusier passed by ran out and touched his jacket with the fingers of our right hand.

Now one does readings of the city that are a little bit more fanciful.

It was the moment in which the project moved forward. So there was a kind of equilibrium.

LUIGI SNOZZI, Professor of architecture

One was the Dutch project, why they were excited about circles, the discussion of whether architecture could be democratic, and about uncertainty and doubt. And we felt that these surveys were important or fundamental in order to understand the city. Can you expand on that? While we are on the subject of the city, Corbusier and Rossi are your two main influences.

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LUIGI SNOZZI, Professor of architecture – Archizoom

Register by Wed, Feb 27, The control of the individual. Well then I would have a problem. There were all sorts of things like; beauty, nature, birds, and then there were some more scientific ones about providing oxygen, all the natural processes etc. Of course this relies on doing something before which he already had, because he had written the books and so on.


So the relation between water and land, the existence of very narrow streets, little squares, and he reuses these in his project. What is involved in looking at the city? There are moments in which the two things come together, but when they do come together its possible that art looses its value, for example in painting in particular. Of course some of his earlier work was very strong. And do they make a proposition for a building, or is it just about understanding the city, snozxi the public space?

The program was created in to honor artists, art mediators, and snozzzi whose work on an international stage has proven to be particularly relevant and significant to Swiss artistic and architectural practice. You clearly feel that Rossi makes an important contribution but is not an architect.

Can you talk a little bit about that tradition in terms of pre-war Italian thinking?

The one that was floating, the timber structure. ,uigi are there no real problems in the world anymore or are these architects just avoiding the real problems?

Why people reacted so strongly against the scheme, calling it fascist. As Snozzi himself makes clear, the village of Monte tecture as modification.