Poland. The first article originally appeared in the April edition of Kuhura, a Polish-language journal published in Paris, and was translated into English for. – Biography (not yet available). Works: Open Letter to Ozjasz Szechter. Trotskyism in Poland up to Ludwik Hass (–) was a Polish historian. Authority control. WorldCat Identities · VIAF: · ISNI: · SUDOC:

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In Memory of Polish Socialist Ludwik Hass

Subscribe to Workers Vanguard View archives. Printable version of this article. A historian of the Polish labor movement and freemasonry, he was also known as an exponent of Trotskyism in Poland.

He later married in the Soviet Union and only managed to return to Poland, with his wife and son, in At the time, Spartacist No. Ludwik Hass had ties with some pseudo-Trotskyist organizations in the West, notably including the United Secretariat of the late Ernest Mandel.


Interestingly, at one such meeting Hass said that his biggest error ever was named Jacek Kuron. Hass played a key role in winning the founding cadres of the Spartacist Group of Poland to Trotskyism, as they then understood it. Thanks to Ludwik Hass, they succeeded in getting a suppressed copy of the Polish translation of The Revolution Betrayed by Trotsky and in having it published by the ZSMP Stalinist youth organization at the end of the s.

Following discussions inthe RML was rejected by the Stalinophobic Mandelites of the misnamed Current of the Revolutionary Left NLRone of the groups that shared responsibility for supporting the forces of the capitalist counterrevolution in Poland.

The result of that meeting and ensuing discussions with the ICL was programmatic agreement and the establishment in October of the Spartacist Group of Poland.

Ludwik Hass – Wikipedia

Despite his programmatic revisionism, Ludwik Hass did play the role of teacher and catalyst of Trotskyism in Poland, and he contributed to the rebuilding of the haes of Trotskyism there, broken by the Stalinist blood purges and the Nazi occupation. We will remember him for that service to the proletarian cause. Partisan Defense Committee International Campaign. Out of Iraq, Afghanistan Now!

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