Thanks to God, Dr. Loyd, JoHanna, Cathy, Susan Glynn and all The Healing Codes staff for your heartfelt work! May the New Year be a prosperous and healthy. Heart Issues Finder from The healing Codes. Pinpoint the Issues of the Heart that need to be healed. Free page report!. LT3 information: what it is, how it works, how to sign up to get personal coaching with Information on The Healing Codes and Healing Codes Coaching from.

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I have had sleep issues for decades. Also, I have a much more positive out look about the future. This elite program is only offered four times each year, so be sure to claim your spot while there is still availability! I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket trying different therapeutic methods to treat these ailments as well as the depression which has lifted.

It would be very cumbersome and time consuming to stimulate all of them — they are literally all over the body.

Testimonials for Dr Alexander Loyd’s LT3 Program

LT3 is our ultimate program — the only one-on-one training Dr. It helped me tremendously with an issue I have been working on for 18 months. By continuing to pt3 this website, you agree to their use.


As I continue to use the lt3 and lt4 tools, my life has changed in every way. I am so grateful! I feel that LT4 with the Power Source and Hidden Virus codes will heal everything I am challenged with; the long standing depression, anxiety and health.

Alexander Loyd – The Healing Codes – LT3

Derek Rake — Black Book v4 November 22, Alex Sign Up for Dr. After 1 week of the LT3, I have more peace, calm, happiness, and am sleeping better.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. LT3 is our coces program — the only one-on-one training Dr. Your email address will not be published. Much to my surprise it was completely normal for the first time in nearly two years.

LT3 Testimonials

I must begin with a admission: It happened through prayer. For the person who wants to go as in-depth as possible, Life Transformation 3 LT3 offers intensive, personalized training on a variety of methods and principles within Dr. You MUST click the link in that e-mail.

Once it is in the open, you can deal with it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My husband, Don and I coded you and your staff. I am doing long difficult surgeries every day and am not getting tired.


I have lh3 energy, my brain is clearer and my memory has improved.

Alexander Loyd – The Healing Codes – LT3

We have a few spaces available. You will be forever grateful, as I am. There are two health issues that I am continuing to work on: I also want to give a heartfelt thank you to Cindy Pierre and JoHanna Chan for their love and kindness. This is only one of five components in a new program called LT3. After 2 weeks of the LT3, I feel like the clouds have passed — physically, emotionally, and mentally!

I think that the lt3 means a class in which the healing codes is used to blast problems, and due to ltt3 intensity, nearly all problems will disappear, or become weaker. Each day I continue to notice changes.

Thanks to God, Dr. Below I have attached the original invitation letter to this program, which was sent in April of I really enjoy doing the hidden power source.