Dungeon Crawl Classics #2: The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho [Mike Mearls] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Adventure for First Level. In The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho, a simple expedition to rid the village of a marauding ogre soon becomes more than it seems. A mysterious. The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho has 6 ratings and 1 review. Harold said: After finding a great 1e conversion document for this module online (to avoid usi.

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The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho (Dungeon Crawl Classics #2)

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Keith rated it it was amazing Sep 08, HLF marked it as to-read Oct 08, This consists of three levels: Ted marked it as to-read Aug 05, This extended dungeon crawl will advance a party of first level characters up to third level.

Take time to read over the hallucination section carefully, and prepare some cards with pre-set hallucinations lst you can hand them out on a moment’s notice when you decide to spring one on your group. Iranica added it Aug 13, Adam added it Dec 05, This means there are few opportunities for characters to strike out on their own-at least, not without entering areas that the adventure does not cover, such as following a stream to a derro city.

My players are going to love this.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #2: The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho PDF

Refresh and try again. However, while some suggestions on how to run this are concisely outlined, I would have liked to have tszthzar more concrete examples on how to handle this. Dungeon Crawl Classics feature bloody combat, intriguing dungeons, and no Rhl who aren’t meant to be killed.


Include it as part of a larger campaign setting, which gives the players a chance to go do other things if they get tired of kobolds.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Peat marked it as to-read Dec 08, The most interesting part of the adventure to me is the second half, in the Lost Vault itself.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #2: The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho PDF|Goodman Games Store

The maps are on the inside covers with the third level being on the last pageand are done in the classic First Edition blue monochrome style; they are quite spartan in the information they convey. If you do run this, I recommend the vaklt This annihilated him and his tower, but the Outer Gods appreciated the foothold this structure gave them on the prime plane.

The tsathar, maps and content all reflect this utilitarian approach. Well, those days are back. Want to Read saving…. Dungeon Crawl Classics There are fairly extensive spoilers contained within this review; if you wish to avoid them, simply skip to the Recommendations at the bottom for my final assessment. Have several different hallucinations prepped, tsathzad enough cards for each hallucination to hand out to players depending on whether or not they make their save.

Harold’s review of The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho

Monday, 16th July, The latter half of the adventure relies on a hallucination effect whereby the DM secretly rolls Will saves, and passes cards to the players describing what they see or don’t see. Aaron marked it as to-read Apr 03, Fail, and their influence will spread, until an army of monstrosities has ripened and is ready to set out and conquer the region. After finding a great 1e conversion document for this module ysathzar to avoid using all the sloppy 3.


Johdi Ananmalay marked it as ot May 19, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kelly marked it as to-read Oct 18, John D Payne rated it really liked lots Nov 04, Reset Fields Log in.

Books by Michael Mearls. The interior illustrations are no works of art, but they are decent, mirror areas described in the text very well, and are evocative of First Edition.

Ronny added it Jul 25, The only real conflict among inhabitants occurs between the undead and the kobolds, and it is unlikely that the PCs will be able to capitalize on this. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. After centuries, the tower rematerialized, though the area it once stood had since become occupied by a mountain, and thus it became a dungeon within the mountain.