Plik: Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zdrowie Longman Repetytorium Maturalne Poziom rozszerzony. Książka. Sprawdziany repetytorium maturalne longman poziom rozszerzony chomikuj Odpowiedzi repetytorium maturalne longman chomikuj matura rozszerzona. LONGMAN Repetytorium maturalne z języka angielskiego – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU TRACK 11 Zadanie 1. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B.

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But sometimes it rozzzerzony itself off in the middle of a phone call. But I dont want to spend too much money. I think Ill get her a picture or something. Examiner And who does the cooking?

What you write is very important, but how you write is important too. Im not sure Im going to be very good with the children. The book looks perfect for my aunt. Joanna Well, it is difficult. Jack Well, youre not exactly an active person are you?

Longman repetytorium maturalne

Turn left out of the hall and then left again. Interviewer Thank you Joanna, Im sure many of our listeners will be writing to you now with their specific queries. Do you have this in red? The other flier shows a happy lonmgan with a cat that looks happy too, so everything appears OK, and you dont feel like you need to do anything. Interviewer And why did you decide to follow a career in health?


Repetytorium maturalne LONGMAN klucz – Angielski – haniusia04 –

We always have a big meal together and eat turkey and pumpkin pie. I imagine my mum would prefer something fancier than cooked tomatoes. My favourite bit was watching the match between Nadal and Federer. Theres so much here! Student It was last summer; I watched a horror repetytrium about ghosts.

John Well, I used to be a pretty good footballer, but then I had an injury and my career ended. Cant you turn it on? Hes wearing a yellow hat and sunglasses. I charged it according to the instructions and then, when it turned off, I recharged the battery, but it only helped for a odpowiedzzi while.

Odpowiedzi – mowa zależna

Hes probably a lifeguard. Elaina So will you see all your family at Thanksgiving?

I took a trip to Beverley Hills to find out. I spent a lot of time feeling sorry longmaan myself and sitting around watching TV and reading magazines.

Student Yes, there is a famous student dance club in the centre of our city. Linda I dont know. Examiner But I like going to the beach. There is a man sitting on a high chair. Elaina Do you think youll go back to the US when you finish your course here? Maturralne beaches can be crowded.


You shouldnt eat ice carem. That shouldnt be a problem. He bought his barge about three years ago when he retired from his job.

Waiter Thank you and thats 2 change. Id like to work at weekends and maybe on Friday evenings