The United States, unlike much of the world, still relies heavily on paper checks for payments. In order to facilitate internal control and to. This document explain about step by step configuration and processes for SAP Lock Box functionality. This PDF depicts various steps for Lockbox Process Configuration.

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July 29, at 8: Could you support me in these case scenarios: All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Lockbox process Configuration, PDF Book in SAP FICO

Please modify the T code as XD03 for customer master data in the document and suggested to avoid typo erors. If a customer is identified by the document number but the bank details do not correspond to the MICR number, they can be added via the optional batch input session. This step completes the Defining Lockbox for House Bank. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: You can download your document from the link given in configuratio mail. Welcome lickbox SAP ebooks!

Control Parameters are maintained by default. Nice Document Configuragion for posting. The percent field is the maximum percentage rate difference posted by the system. How the program will work?

Using algorithmSAP distributes lcokbox check across open invoices, beginning at the oldest invoice and working its way forward until the check amount is fully distributed. The program will try to apply to last one or will check the MICR number and after to decide in which account to apply?


Lockbox Configuration In SAP

Field is only applicable for BAI record. Cr Lockbox Clearing Account. September 23, 6 minute read. OBA4 This transaction is used to configurafion tolerance groups for users.

Otherwise you would click the New Entrites button and maintain the house bank. December 1, at 5: April 6, at 2: Hi Gagan, Thanks… Very Informative. FLB2 Save the lockbox lockbos attached with this document and modify the document number in file with open customer invoice. Be the first to review this product.

Lockbox process Configuration

By defining a blank tolerance group the tolerance group field may remain blank on each customer master loclbox but the tolerance settings are applicable. Thanks a lot, Gagan. BAI2 is advised as because it has greater probability of producing automatic matches in the processing and because it allows one to record deduction information and create proper residual postings.

It is explained well. The tolerances are defined by company code and at a minimum there must be one assigned to each company code otherwise no postings can occur in the company code.

Unique key for each lockbox file is its header record i. December 14, at 6: October 17, at 6: How do lockhox avoid step 3 and keep the info in sync between the two systems? Instead displaying in the following steps, you will maintain the data for the house bank you want to define.


Lock Box Configuration Path: December 24, at 4: January 9, at 6: A lockbox account is usually a designated post office box which has the company name but the customer payments are actually received by the bank. We can only use the pen delivered by SAP.

September 23, at January 28, at Thank you so much and it is very informative.

For example if file contains is second session name will be Activating this field is recommended Insert Bank Details: The tolerance configuration will be reviewed in the next few slides. SAP gives option of using one of the two standard algorithms for lockbox processing. It is strongly recommended that companies maintain the bank details on their customer master records. Please modify the T code as XD03 for customer master data in the document and suggested to avoid typo erors Regards, Lakshmi S.

Right click on and select Process Checks options.

August 7, at 1: Thanks Veenu for highlighting that …Rectified the entries now.