Information sheet. Genki product information – English. Manuals. Genki User Manual – English · Genki User Manual – French · Genki User Manual – German. This superb LINN Genki CD Player has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 3 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki. From the front there is only one giveaway.

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Tonal separation raises its hand here, clearly wanting to be in a class of its own. The tune’s crisp tone transitions and backing harp melody were consumed zealously by the Genki, and I could have sworn the player was smiling broadly, as I was when listening to it.

Vocals were always of the highest quality and exacting, though the accurate focus of the player may lack the vibrancy or warmth that many enjoy. Most of the time I was using this cd player’s volume range in the upper 70’s and 80’s out ofI thinkand this cdp really sounded strained.

Manuals – Genki

But Linn makes it clear it yenki much believe in balanced cabling, liinn customers buying very expensive gear expect to have it. Look at the back and you’ll see more difference: Likewise, the tonal agility is up to the task, as Yo-Yo’s most intense phrases hit the ear with gfnki attack and breadth. You’ll find numerous cabling opinions on audiophile web sites — enough to match the endless number of people making them. It did, however, have quite good silences; the backgrounds were very dark.

Use Small and light, will fit almost anywhere; remote will control other Linn products too. The Ikemi conjures a large soundstage and resolves very well, giving more peaceful music anything but poorly recorded rock a clear canvas on which to play.

This kind of vibrant layering stimulates one’s listening energy and prevents one from falling asleep due to muddy or thin reproduction. It really sounded like the Genki was having trouble resolving everything and presenting each part of the music in its own layer, and instead, mushed everything together to the point where you just felt like it was meant to be played as background music in some bedroom system.


For comparison purposes, I had the Mark Levinson No.

REVIEW: Linn Genki CD Player/Recorder – Keith – General Asylum

Midway through the song, a flute wafts in with some blurred hesitation, though I was impressed by the reproduction of the flute player’s breath and warbling. This post is made possible by the generous support of people like you and our sponsors: From the front there is only one giveaway other than the name: Bass done well is not just a single entity, however.

The Mark Levinson No. It’s not easy to judge audio quality at the noisy show floor of CES, after all. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Interestingly, the Genki has a half-inch height plastic cd tray mechanism with a terribly shallow ditch for the CD compared to my CAL Deltawhile the Ikemi has a thin, solid-metal cd tray like that of the Madrigal players.

Or click here to subscribe to UHF. I suppose that this sort of thing encourages one to purchase all their audio or theater components from one company. Having heard excellent demos and convincing salesmen, I have always been curious in doing an extended listen at home with anything made by Linn.

Linn has also included a Sync Link connection so the Ikemi can be used as a transport with a similarly equipped external DAC and have its internal clock slaved to that of the DAC, reducing jitter. Jacksonville, Florida Phone: How close does the Genki get to the Ikemi? Linn’s custom-built transport used in the Ikemi and the CD actually doubles the cost of the player.

Conclusions It’s been a while since I’ve plugged in an audio source that gave my speakers such a pleasant workout. Our contact page tells you how to find us. Linn interconnects from Genki package Interconnects to speakers: If you like what you see in these sample articles, get all of UHF by subscribing. But then the highs have such a natural way of trailing off that they sound both highly detailed and friendly at the same time — not at all blunt or rolled.


The midbass of the Ikemi is palpable, and the lowest end of the Lknn has all three elements happening. Why put a volume control on a cd player if it can’t be really used as a linestage without feeling congested? Rhythmically, the player keeps pace with the music — breathlessly quick at times and expressively deliberate at others. However, the tonal quality and spatial separation on well-produced recordings are spectacular. The LP12 design is sound and sounds great, so why mess with success?

Maybe it’s just not my cuppa tea. Although the Linn Ikemi is a smallish and lightweight CD player, it is the product of much considered thought.

I ended up prefering the Meridian with which it was compared to, saying that the had more punch, more rhythm, and created a more upbeat, exciting, pacy musical atmosphere. Having worked with many consumer electronics companies in the past, I know that many do actually add weight in the chassis just to make the unit feel like it’s worth more. The power button doesn’t do anything as there is no standby mode for the player.

The Random and Shuffle play have a significant lead time before play starts, as the player enumerates all the tracks and stores the play order before starting playback. Last year I heard the Mimik, reaching the conclusion that it had an ability to draw the listening into the music, but presented an overall quite laid-back, polite picture which placed a big “mellow” word on everything. Everything is very well resolved, but not thrown at you, harsh or grainy unless the disc is intrinsically this way.

The new Linn Ikemi and Genki are the company’s two new cd players just released a few months ago, replacing the older Karik and Mimik. There is a sleep mode for the readout display, but strangely, this only changes the display characters to two dashes, it doesn’t turn it off more on that later. Check out the full review in our print edition. Linn Incorporated Suite Southside Blvd.