Shop Linex Usb Pll Fm Transmitter – Windows Mac Linux. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I just picked up one of these. PDA-M QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. I’m very pleased. It sends. Linex fm transmitter. likes · 1 talking about this. linex fm transmitter.

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The transmitter itself is digitally controlled and is extremely user friendly. If you are a company wanting to carry this wonderful product in transmiter stores it comes in a colorful blister package ready to hang on your shelf. This makes it easier to find a free spot on the FM band of your radio that is not being used by a local radio station.

FCC approved as a low power unlicensed transmitter.

LineX USB FM Transmitter

This site has trasmitter changing list of eBooks available for free at any time: Mon Apr 10, An external power supply can be used up to 9 volts. This is one of the most powerful FM transmitters that you can legally purchase. Jan 3, Posts: Sat Mar 25, 5: Sep 25, Posts: Transmitter is PLL trnasmitter for rock solid operation. You can receive it on any FM radio on 7 selectable channels.


Mar 9, Posts: The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter! You then press the power button on the front. Fri Apr 21, 2: Vlad’s Gadgets What will he fn next? Fri Mar 31, 4: Company Policy can be found here.

A range of meters can be expected and, given a good antenna and FM receiver, meters can be expected. Please use contacts page to request details.

Just tune to his station and like magic you hear nothing except him beating his radio and changing the station. Output power is 50 Watts.

The bottom line is the two I bought at Best Buy were not acceptable and this one is. This is one of the most powerful FM transmitters that you can legally purchase.

LineX FM Transmitter

DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: The sound quality is not CD quality. Output power is Watts. To my shock, when I tried it at home, the sound quality was really bad. Mon Apr 17, 4: Sit back and enjoy 20Hz – 15Khz frequency response, booming bass, and crisp high end!


High linnex bandwidth It transmits on FM stereo with a full audio bandwidth of 30Hz — 15Khz, which results in a higher quality sound — less than CD quality, but very good for FM radio. When I held it in my hand and moved it around, it kept working well. People that viewed this page also looked at: Mon Feb 27, Seven channels — all of them from