Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Volume 2 · Fenton John Anthony Hort,Sir Arthur Hort No preview available – Life and Letters. Fenton John Anthony Hort. D.D., D.C.L., LLD. SOMETIME HULSEAN PROFESSOR AND LADY MARGARET’S READER. IN DIVINITY IN THE. Life and Letters contains a collection of F. J. A. Hort’s letters arranged chronologically with biographical notes by his son, Arthur Fenton Hort. Volume one covers.

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Talking of the Exhibition reminds me that I sent in to-day a couple of Epigrams, more for the sake of having something of the sort to take an interest in, than any good likely to be gained.

This sketch must suffice to indicate the nature of her influence on her family. Catty begged to sleep in a little room that was not in the house but near the Garden stove, after a few letyers Catty came to Lady Aylmer and begged to be taken back to sleep in the house she said she heard the Fairies go by crying Quis Quis Quis Quis Miss Sharland Mag Kit Nurse and Lucy all send their love to you Goodbye dear Fenton and Believe me your ever affectionate Brother, A.

One curious thing I fished out, that the well-known theory of a certain rule in the relative distances of the planets from the sun as compared with that of the earth, is found false in Neptune s case.

The bar, which was four inches thick, soon broke ; they brought in carpenters, but ojhn they made the passage much narrower, and crossed batons across it. I am much obliged to you for taking the girls to the sights without waiting for me, more especially Ane.

Compare the fetnon of a Greek play by a mere philologer, however good, with one by a man who has read and thought something else, and letteds will see how, for the purposes of mere philology, superior the latter is, even with inferior scholarship.

No school letters survive to tell how he was impressed, as impressed he must have been, by the religious teach ing of Arnold, and afterwards of Tait ; but the letter of Easter Day, 1is sufficient evidence of the deep natural piety which had been fostered under these suc cessive influences. How I should like a anf with you about it! George s Day,Fenton, his eldest son, was born. On Sunday I went to St.

It is characteristic of his mind that he viewed all the movements of the time in connection with theology.

Full text of “Life and letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort”

I did not know that you ever had the mark Melius. I lifw a Greek Delectus to-day with Mr. For the earlier years at least the epistolary material is enough, I think, to give a very fair portraiture. This was based upon a close study of the Bible, of the children s knowledge of which in quite early years records remain which might astonish many older children. Josiah s father lived at Marshfield, near Bath, but that is fentkn solitary fact in his history handed down to his descendants.


His letters to his father show the variety of his intellectual interests ; he seems to have never pursued one subject of the school course to the exclusion of others, and in his RUGBY 29 private reading he was omnivorous. I have looked at that board since and I am afraid it is not an April fool as it is annual.

A Chartist meeting here did not come off; the cricket-balls on Parker s Piece were too formidable. How grand we are! Lice s account of it in the follow ing three letters shows that he was by no means a recluse. It ended with putting into the mouth of a Johnian the assertion of his determination “to go the whole hog for John. Had the engines been five minutes later, it must have caught the first staircase in NevilPs Court, and letter one end to the other, with the exception of the outer walls, is one mass [of] old oak, partitions and all!

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

The same unobtrusive devotion was shown in the direction of his own household, where a strict regime prevailed, and all were expected to conform to the rules of the house. In these matters, as in those of higher importance, his fairness and openness of mind were conspicuous even in under graduate days.

All the rest had put Yes opposite ; he put NO in large letters. In and the two following years he competed unsuccessfully for the University scholarships. It will not be time for two or three weeks to plant either them or those which you have got already, of which you must tell me the number.

Thus much for Classics, but, as I told you, my chief object during this term must be Mathematics, for I cannot like the plan which many Classical men pursue of almost entirely neglecting their Mathematics till the last few months before their Degree, when they cram up as much as they may want to pass their Junior or Senior Op. Hare s pamphlet seems to me to be quite a floorer for all those who babbled about Hampden s heresy 1 The subject for the prize poem.

I do not feel quite so sanguine as you do respecting the Bishop of Cape Town s reception at Cheltenham; I heard nothing that I could object to, but some of his expressions would somewhat startle the old walls of St.

One engine after another arrived, till we had five. Verily every circumstance of every day, be it anf of crime, or of heresy, or of sectarianism, or of aught else, convinces me more and more that the Church is the only center of all our hopes, that only 60 FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT CHAP, in by clinging fast to her, by submitting to her mild and lawful authority, by shaping our ways according to her indications, and above all by venerating and upholding with gratitude and love, and leading others to venerate, those Holy Sacraments, which no less than His Holy Word her Divine Head has entrusted to her keeping and administration, can we hope with any well-grounded cause for hope either to preserve our own souls and minds from the moral and intellectual seductions which swarm everywhere around, or fnton maintain among others the authority of God s truth and God s holy law amid the con flicting whirlpools of modern English society.


Another early friend was Henry Mackenzie, who died young. The first thing you will wish to know oife is the scholarships. I have no time for more. Dissolve the enclosed in a tablespoonful of water, dip a clean paint brush in the solution and pass it over the paper, when the writing will appear.

Amthony is delightful to read him after Hampden s wordy Protestantism or his opponents wordy bigotry of all sorts. With the possible exception of a few schoolfellows, it does not seem that Hort had friends at Cambridge before he came up.

If you want any Prussian Blue, I will send you some I made myself. Very few have been fentton as yet, especially at Znd.

AGE qnthony RUGBY The above letters and the next series are given almost entire, as they are the only ones which remain to represent the interesting period from towhen the writer was anthonyy to seventeen years old ; the next glimpse we get of him in his own letters after February is as a Sixth Form boy.

The Differential I have had in lecture this term, and am now going to do some more with Budd, so thus the case stands. It was very amusing to see how I was sarcasticated fentob by both sides, because I told them that neither they nor I were capable, joohn want of experience and study of the questions, to form an individual opinion on the expediency and practical working of a commercial measure.

Some observer, I think here, thinks he has discovered a ring. The production itself is a five-act drama, partly prose, partly verse ; its main object being an attack on some of the later Lide about anthomy and holy virginity. I gained some faint idea of what the Bible was ; I felt the glorious depth of the declaration, ” Now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the first-fruits of them that slept,” a passage which I had merely understood before.

I attempted to get into NevilFs Court by the end of the arches nearest the Hostel, but the smoke was too strong. In March Arthur was taken very ill with measles, and Fenton was fetched home from Rugby ; he also fell a victim, but recovered in due course. A silly pamphlet by a London clergyman appeared the other day, recommending the enfranchisement of the Jews, at the same time rather wishing than otherwise for the separation of Church and State.

North Finder, one of Hort s few surviv ing Rugby contemporaries, has kindly contributed the following recollections of school-days: