Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. Sep;60(3) Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. We have observed. Citation. M Virdi, A Sachdev, A Gupta, K Aggarwal. Lichen Planus Or Lichenoid Dysplasia: Is It Premalignant!. The Internet Journal of Head and Neck Surgery. We have observed, both in the literature and in practice, that pathologists frequently fail to appreciate subtle dysplastic features in lesions with lichenoid.

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H, Van der Waal I. The literature discussed in the article is an attempt to segregate individual lichenoid lesions by defining clinical and histopathologic variations among each other, which avoids the diagnostic problem. Controversies surrounding malignant transformation.

Clinico-pathological mimicry and its diagnostic implications.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Lack of clinicopathologic correlation in the diagnosis of oral lichen planus rysplasia on the presently available diagnostic criteria and suggestions for modifications. Systemic lupus erythematosus presenting with oral mucosal lesions: Oral proliferative verrucous leukoplakia: Use your account on the social network Facebook, to create a profile on BusinessPress.

Histopathologically, subepithelial vesiculation, minimal lymphocytic infiltrate and perivascular cuffing of inflammatory cells distinguishes GVHD lesion from characteristic lichen planus. The possible pre malignant character of oral djsplasia planus and oral lichenoid lesions: This criterion can be used to differentiate OLP from lesions carrying a greater risk of malignant change 6.

Archs oral Biol ; 41 1: J Oral Pathol ; Oral lichen planus in childhood.

Lichen planus is one of the most common dermatologic diseases to involve the oral cavity, with prevalence rates ranging from 0. In the present case, the lesion diagnosed as lichen planus clinically came out to be LD histologically. Materials and Methods Normal epithelium was obtained from patients undergoing extraction for impacted third molar with no sign of inflammation or any other pathology.

Histopathological diagnosis of oral lichen planus is not easy since some cases of epithelial dysplasia may present traits which are very similar to those from lichen planus. In view of malignant transformation, biopsy is mandatory for LD and erosive and atrophic forms of lichen planus. OLP has been considered a premalignant condition requiring a recall program and proper follow up, which require substantial economic resources and is a potential problem in developing nations like ours.


Role of Histochemical markers 3Quantitative cytology 5 and Morphometry 6,7 as prognostic tools in evaluation of OLP has been proved beyond doubt. J Dermatol Surg Oncol ; A comparison with lichen planus.

We report one such case, where a year-old male with excessive burning sensation had similar clinical picture as that of lichen planus but was histologically diagnosed as LD.

Lichenoid dysplasia revisited – evidence from a review of Indian archives.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Evolution of the lesion of discoid lupus erythematosus: Photomicrograph revealing hyperparakeratinized hyperplastic epithelium with saw tooth shaped rete ridges black arrows and juxta epithelial band of chronic inflammatory cells blue arrow H and E, 40X. Spinous cell maximum diameter has also increased from normal mucosa to OLP to oral sq cell carcinoma.

Interobserver and intraobserver variability in the histologic assessment of oral lichen planus. Risk of oral squamous cell carcinoma in patients with oral lichen planus: The chi-squared test did not show statistically significant differences between oral lichen planus and epithelial dysplasia in relation to the following cell alterations: Quantitative cellular and nuclear volumetric alterations in epithelium from lichen planus lesion and oral mucosa.

Normal epithelium was obtained from patients undergoing extraction for impacted third molar with no sign of inflammation or any other pathology. This article has been cited by. Ayango L, Rogers RS 3 rd. In case of LLs for which a distinct cause can be found warrants the removal of associated causative agent like drug, amalgam restoration.

According to them, many of the cases that eventually evolved to epidermoid carcinoma were actually lichenoid dysplasia cases wrongly diagnosed as lichen planus, given the large number of histopathologic similarities between both conditions, more specifically when in their early stages. They proposed that epithelial dysplasia with lichenoid features that is, LD is a distinct histopathologic entity with a true malignant predisposition.


Case report and review of literature. As the patient did not notice any lesion dyslpasia, so any change in the lesion could not be commented. J Am Dent Assoc ; Crit Rev Oral Biol Med ;9: World Health Organization Classification of Tumours.

Oral lichen planus versus epithelial dysplasia: difficulties in diagnosis

Xiaosong Liu, Hong Hua. Oral manifestations of erythema multiforme. After correlating the clinical findings with the histological features, a final diagnosis of lichenoid dysplasia was made. Find articles by Mihir Jha. Some authors believe that lichenoid dysplasia should be considered as an injury with high likelihood of evolving to malignancy 13,15,18reinforcing even further the theory licyenoid most cases of lichen planus with possible evolution to malignancy stem from failed initial diagnosis.

Discussion Considerable controversy exists lichejoid the literature as to whether oral lichen planus has an inherent predilection to become malignant. Cells that were clumped together or not clear were not taken into consideration.

Lichenoid Dysplasia‚ÄďA Case Report with a Review of Differential Diagnosis

Patients exposed to or carrying risk factors for oral cancer such as smoking and drinking were also excluded. Changes licheboid the color red, red and white, whiteconfiguration, and severity of the lesions were unpredictable and did not correlate well with topical corticosteroid therapy.

However, if the clinical diagnosis is not verified by histological examination, or if the incipient dysplastic changes in the presence of lichenoid features are not recognized or are overlooked, a misdiagnosis could result.

Proposal for a set lichenoif modified WHO diagnostic criteria of oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid Lesions [17] Click here to view.