MPX 1. Multi Processor FX. User Guide lexicon . Observez toutes les instructions et tous les avertissements marqués sur l’appareil. Branchez uniquements sur. Mpx 1 • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual • Lexicon Receivers and Amplifiers.

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Product Overview The Front Panel Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The Effects and Parameters Plate Plate effects were originally gen- erated by large, thin sheets of metal suspended upright under tension on springs. In other cases, you may want to adjust the Parameter Destination values to a more limited manuual, or establish a nonlinear relationship between the controller and the parameter values.

If the program has been edited, the display will change to show By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 38 MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon How to Change Routing The routing page lets you alter the connections between the inputs of the Connections selected block and the outputs of the blocks in lexicoj of it.

Whether you want to reassign the front panel meter display, re-route the effects in a program, or create an entirely new sound, you will find the tools you need in this section. Clean Slate Want to start from scratch?

This effect can be used to create spatial effects via a com- bination of Doppler and level pan- ning. Place them in front of, or behind, other effect blocks to provide smooth Volume D. From the main System menu, select Calibrate Pedal and press Yes.

Selections you make here will overwrite programs currently at the location s you designate. Press Value for the key controls for each individual effect. Bulk Data Dumps Tempo. These settings are stored as integral parts of the program.


When you press Store the display will show: Effect Bypass Basic Operation The front panel Effect buttons light to show you which effect blocks are active. The DataBase controls in the Edit menu let you Assigning DataBase assign your programs to any or all of the categories shown below.

The wah filter is controlled by input level. To use this function, select Copy Effect from the Edit menu. Basic Operation The front panel Effect buttons light to show you which effect blocks are active. The gate is opened every other beat for the duration of an eighth-note. The three types of filters commonly used Bright Room A small, airy room.

Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual

This preset plays a cascade of descending pitches all by itself — complete with echoes and reverberation! Enter text from picture: It is provided primarily as a conve- nient way of generating test tones and tuning references. MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Calibrate Pedal This control allows you to achieve full range output of lexcion connected 10kk continuously variable footpedal.

Press again to exit. Dry and delayed versions of the phase shifter are panned separately and chase each other through stereo space. A nice way to put some repeats on the end of phrases.


Kexicon Effects and Parameters Comb 1 and Comb 2 Comb 1 The Comb effects work by com- bining the original input signal with a micro-delayed version. For the best sonic results, the MPX 1 outputs should be connected in stereo.

This parameter is ducked by the input level, so that louder signals route the input sig- nal into the delay, and softer sig- nals route the feedback signal into the delay.


When changing the routing options, work from left to right — from kanual input block to the output block. Stereo EQ ,anual the reverb so you can fine tune the tone or the reverberation to fit the mix. In some situa- tions it is convenient to think of Q in terms of bandwidth in octaves. An underscore identifies the Effect block which is selected for moving to a new location.

Rotary Cab MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Rotary Cab This effect simulates a Leslie speaker with one pair of stereo mics on the rotating low-frequency drum, and another pair on the ro- tating high-frequency horn.

These controls allow you to perform a complete reset of the unit to its factory defaults, or to reset only selected functions. Higher settings of Lexkcon are good for chords and low notes, lower settings minimize the delay through the effect. Aside from the usual attack, decay, sustain and release param- eters. The majual are ducked out ot the way when the input is moderate to loud, but rise in level when input gets very soft or stops.

This of the Internal Control- section describes controller editing. Each switch appears as two simultaneous patch sources. The Effects and Parameters The Mod effects are a collection of pan, gain, and volume processors that can be Mod Effects modulated with built-in contollers or with any MPX 1 patch source.

Piano Hall A mmpx1 smooth hall optmized for acoustic piano. Press System and select the Audio menu.