At first glance, the lensatic compass can seem a bit daunting. Covered in various markings and with multiple moving parts, it looks as though it. Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. I have half a dozen navigation apps on my phone, so I rarely get lost! But phones have several major weaknesses: battery life and signal reception. Both of those.

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Lensatic Compass Guide: What is a Lensatic Compass?

Watch this video on YouTube Choosing Landmarks The landmark you choose can be anything visibly noteworthy. Hold the compass compss and level, and up to your face. Mark the position of the notches to be with a pencil. Instead you will use an imaginary line that runs down the center of the compass.

Most people assume that lensatic compass is the “proper” term for all hand-held compasses, but that it not the case. It may take a while to get it, and you should practice in a safe location before relying on one, but few devices are more able to help you navigate your way to safety. Make sure you include it when you say or write a bearing. Rough direction to the cabin.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

We will be plotting our bearing relative to Lensattic North, so there is no need to adjust for a different north reference. Turn the compass cover more or less perpendicular to the base.


I guess the military needs the extra accuracy now and then say, for example, to precisely place artillery fire. What is a Lensatic Compass? A lensatic compass, also called a military compass, is a more advanced and useful version of a magnetic compass.

Extend your other index finger alongside the compass body and wrap compaxs fingers of that hand around the fingers of your first hand. Close is good enough in horsehoes, but I’m hoping exact is the standard for artillery fire. The north reference is an integral part of any bearing. North is 0 degrees, so a ,ensatic of 10 degrees west would mean that you would point at degrees to point at true north. We can abbreviate to either mils Mag.

Definition of a Lensatic Compass So let’s get to the point, lensatjc being what the “lensatic” term means. The degrees are in red, and are the ring’s inner measurements.

Using a protractor aligned with either True or Grid North depending on lesnatic the magnetic declination you are given is referenced tomake a mark on the map at the desired value. Well, that is, unless you’re doing something silly like holding the compass backwards. Steady the compass by allowing the hand holding the compass to rest in the cupped palm of your other hand.

Want a free ebook on Land Navigation? Point of Interest An “azimuth” is pretty much the same as a “bearing. L ook through the sighting slot and find some target a tree, boulder, whatever that lines up with your sighting wire. But a compass can never lose connection to the GPS lensaitc and will never run out of batteries.


Using a Lensatic Compass

You can use this feature to set your compass in the dark. You now have your target’s bearing. Get your own customized topographical lesatic, built according to your specifications. The fact that they glow in the dark especially, if they’re the tritium kind which will glow for years without having to be exposed to light means you can use your compass without a light for night navigation.

Lensatic Compasses

A lensatic compass is one with a magnifying lens on the sight. You want to go cross country directly to Devil’s Wash Basin, a deep and beautiful lake you’ve heard a lot about. Welcome To the Lensatic Compass Guide. With solid land-navigation skills, you’ll be more confident and “at home” in the wilderness. Nowusing a straight edge, draw the bearing line and extend it in the desired direction. Some compasses can be adjusted to include declination, so after adjustment, a reading of 0 degrees would point at true north.

Note that we are using the magnetic dial in the compass.