28°C (January/February). Situated at a latitude of 22°54(S, and lon- gitude of 9 Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segu- rança e Medicina do Trabalho. Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segurança e Medicina do Trabalho, Ministério do Trabalho, ed São Paulo, Editora Atlas, Lei n.° , de 22 de dezembro de NR p. 61 ed. São Paulo, Brazil: Atlas; 5. WHO World Health Organization. Guidelines.

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As for the workers from the outsourced company, the Environmental Risk Prevention Program and the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program are hired and held by a specialized company on Safety Engineering and Occupational Deezembro. Audiometric exams are held at a specialized clinic, not related to the company. Perfil auditivo de trabalhadores de um entreposto de carnes.

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Other studies evidenced the same situation in companies of different lines of business, that is, the absence of recommending collective measures for occupational noise control 6 National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The Leq values found in the ER reception area Table 1 ranged from Accessed September 23, Table 1 shows the main findings regarding symptoms, hearing and non-hearing- related complaints, possibly due to noise exposition reported by the studied subjects.

This situation can be explained by the activities at this site i. However, a higher Leq variation of In a study in which the noise ranged from Ten indoor points in the emergency ward were assessed; the helicopter as well as several available pieces of equipment in the ward were assessed individually.

There are literature reports on the relation between high sound pressure levels to other symptoms unrelated to hearing, such as stress, psychological and sleep disorders, memory loss, digestive and circulatory disorders and psychological effects such as irritability, nervousness, tension, among others 325 And because it is a teaching hospital, there is also much movement of health care students adding to the noise.

Tinnitus was reported by Journal List Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol v. Among all agents that may result in occupational hazard, noise certainly appears as the most frequent one, exposing a larger number of individuals.


Ambient Noise in Emergency Rooms and Its Health Hazards

Imaging exam room tomography; X-ray Morning Even taking NIHL risk, it was evidenced that Although there are no references of organized preventive measures in the documents of the companies running the laundry, noise exposure risk was verified in the working stations. However, this study did not corroborate other studies.

By means of the Chi-Square Test, at a significance rate dezebro 0. Noise level measurements in four Phoenix emergency departments. Accessed September 28, Of the various noise sites evaluated Table 1the lowest Leq was measured in the suture room Leq levels of helicopter and cast saw entail high hearing hazard, requiring professionals to dezemvro individual protection equipment, and point to the need of creation and implementation of effective control measures of noise levels in emergency wards.

The highest Lmax was detected in the suture room Formerly, however, some female workers performed tasks 654 other laundry stations where reported noise levels were above 85 dB Asuch as the clothes washing area Table 1 ER noise levels at different periods of the day.

The data are presented in table format. Although there is variation from individual to individual, people are directed to avoid exposure to noise levels that exceed 85 to 90 sound pressure level ambiance [dBA].

Audiograms were classified under Regulation N. No correlation dee found between work area and NIHL to the significance level of 0. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol Engl Ed ; 73 2: How to cite this article.

In the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program, there is reference for occupational noise ve only in the clean laundry area. In relation to audiometric findings Table 2 Literature mentions that it is a common symptom for those who work in noisy settings such as laundries 23 In Table 2the Leq value for the helicopter arrival corresponds to a high risk for hearing professionals who are not properly using protective equipment.

In relation to the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program, in the document of the outsourced company, it was mentioned occupational noise risk and recommended yearly audiometric exam to all employees. In the analysis of the kinds of hearing loss, neurosensory hearing loss prevailed.


Documental laundry analysis was carried out Medical Control and Occupational Health Program and Environmental Risk Prevention Programnoise measurement, anamnesis-applied hearing evaluation, tonal threshold dezemhro, acoustic immittance, and transient otoacoustic emission testing.

Brazil. | Open Library

Regarding symptoms and complaints reported by the workers Table 1which can be consequential to occupational noise exposure, it was verified tiredness, stress, irritability, headache, depression, concentration difficulties, stomachache, among others.

Prolonged environmental noise exposure above safe levels along with recklessness in the use of earpiece, was enough to cause hearing damage suggesting NIHL in After going through all the selected locations, the evaluation was done three more times, so that four measurements were taken at each site, with maximum, minimum, and Leq, in the mornings between 7 am and 1 pmin the afternoon between 1 pm and 7 pmand at night between 7 pm and 7 am.

In relation to the use of earpiece, it was pointed out that Sound pressure levels of the helicopter and cast saw reach high hearing hazard levels, requiring professionals to use individual protection equipment, and point to the need for dezembr and implementation of dfzembro control measures of noise levels in emergency wards. The authors verified that Table 2 presents the levels of continuous Leq dBA noise found in various equipment operating in the ER.

Conselhos Federal e Regional de Fonoaudiologia. In the first step of the research, a documental analisys from the Medical Control and Occupational Health Program and the Environmental Risk Prevention Program was carried out, proposed by the regulations of Dezemro and Safety at Work Regulation n. It was observed that tinnitus was reported in