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Sign in Already have an account? I’ve not replaced the string. Maybe in the future I will change the string on all my sets.

Rear controls for outriggers and steering placed, here you can see how wide the truck is. Crane finished, now all that remains is the hook. Next is making some wheelbases.

Here is the gear setup for the boom extension. Leg comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces per step.

I voted Very Good. The colour separation in the instructions are excellent.

8421-1: Mobile Crane

Buying overpriced original one is not an option – it would crack and peel again. I consider myself an experienced Technic builder, but this behemoth took me a solid day to complete. The changeover catch is connected to a 20T bevel gear. So, everything said, I think the is not as good asbut still a great set.


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Posted November 7, You can see the yellow 3L pins with stop bush that keeps it in place. Rather than having them named book 1 and 2, they have greyed out the part that’s not present in each book. This is the final lenght of the crane truck.

Two double-bent liftarms keeps the axle in place. I only dissassembled it again when the came out. To lock the steering axle in place, this contraption is made. Next is the cocpit. The axles for the outriggers are extended to the front side of the truck. I would love to get some re-created. That of course includes taking pictures and so forth, but still I voted very good, It’s the set that brought me out of my ‘dark ages’.

A “Black Bionicle Bohrok Shoulder” is used to keep the top and bottom from falling apart. Posted September 2, This rack fixes the 32L axle in place, and a thin triangle liftarm secures the end of the boom. Placed here along with some decorational “Vehicle Grilles”.

Matt The Tuba Guy. Another gear rack to extend the steering to the first axle. It was probably re-released 2 times for a reason.

Mina actually accidentally fell out of the attic. The engine is a standard Technic 6-cylinder V. A turntable is placed underneath, and locked with a 15L beam.


For it’s size, I think the manual turning was a disappointment. The roof is mainly made of axles and liftarms.

The crane has its own cabin. Sorry for bumping an old topic, I thought it would be better to ask here, rather than create new topic. I’m not lwgo to acquire aftermarket sticker as well not worth.

Pictorial Review: Mobile Crane – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

Mine is on my ”breaking table”. I haven’t recieved the yet, but I expect it to be better than this. The RC motor is able to drive two axles at the same time. Which, in my opinion, is a big advantage. In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces. S Let’s take a look at the parts The crane base requires some reinforcement legk cope with all the weight of the crane itself.

These knobwheels are later connected to the outriggers. Two strings with studs are attached on the far side of the secondary boom. This is the only mobile crane I know of which have a differential.

These gears will control steering and outriggers from the back of the truck.