GET FREE 40 PAGE TELUGU ASTROLOGY AND DETAILED ONLINE, Fastest FREE TELUGU HOROSCOPE online software available on. When you learn astrology you will be able to understand yourself and the jyothisham in telugu, telugu astrology predictions, online telugu. రోజువారీ జాతక ఫలితాలు, తెలుగు జాతకం, వధూవర గుణమేళనం, సంఖ్యాశాస్త్రం, రాశిఫలములు, పంచాంగం మరియు జ్యోతిష .

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It has excellent argumentative and analytical power. The placement of the grihas in your jathakam telugu style jyothishwm an indicator of the whole life and parts of life, during the dasa period, which includes the personal life, married life, professional life and so on.

It normally has a robust health.

Called ‘Ayusthan’ it represents death, reasons of death, underground wealth, historical things and monuments. To predict horoscope, consider the houses one by one and see the planets placed in the house, the planets aspecting it, the placement of its lord and the planets aspecting it, or associated with the lord.

Since the house is ruled by Mercury and its lord is in 5th house aspecting it, the native earns by teligu, but aspect of Mars from 8th house reduces profits into losses too. When you are looking at My Horoscope, you will be seeing the position of the planets in the rasi and navamsa chart at the time of birth.


This situation is further jyothishham by the presence of 4th lord Mars in 8th house. There has to be a direct interaction between the teacher and the student. Stories you may want to read. It is aspected by Saturn from 4th house, which makes the native hard working.

Quick tips for learning Astrology

The lord Mercury is placed in 5th house, so the native is a professional, who earns by his knowledge. The science of Astrology makes predictions via a particular method.

Astrology is considered as an occult science, but is entirely mathematical as well as technical. Reading published articles by expert Astrologers who are willing to share knowledge is one valuable source of learning Astrology. But, to get the right predictions, what you need is to prepare your jathakam rasi chart accurately.

It signifies father, government, politics, management. It also ensures many foreign tours for the native. Introduction Astrology is considered as an occult science, but is entirely mathematical as well as technical.

తెలుగు జాతకం|Telugu Jathakam|Jathakam in Telugu

How to Predict – 4 7th house is not aspected by any planet and its lord Saturn is placed in 4th house, which is 10th from 7th house. Signification of House – 2 6th house: It is normally passive and becomes active only when required.

The lion is bold by nature and has confidence to win over anyone. Yes, it does because you can know everything in advance At least for those who truly believe in this science. The rest of the circle helugu automatically placed. It represents memory, throat, arms, maternal uncles and short journeys. Start learning the subject as a science. Astrology, as you know, is a certain science and all predictions after referring to the online telugu jathakam are based on the rules of astrology.


Similarly in a horoscope we determine the Lagna first house position and place the rashi circle over the rest of the twelve houses. It is also in exchange Yoga with Jupiter from 2nd house.

Times Point Know more.

Quick tips for learning Astrology

Now consider 2nd house. This way we see that to analyze the horoscope we interpret the house one by one, or interpret the house whose subject matter we want to know.

In this case, the beneficial effects of the planet that is favourable may not provide the expected goodness. This is not magic, but based on the rules of astrology.

The special effects in the horoscope can be seen by looking at the various Yogas formed in the horoscope.

Look at 3rd house. This exchange gives the native a strong liking for calculation and astrology, since the exchange is between 2nd and 5th houses.