Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. 6 likes. Book. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Privacy · Terms. About. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Book. 6 people. Le vie dei canti (Biblioteca Adelphi) by Bruce Chatwin at – ISBN “La domanda cui cercherò di rispondere è la seguente: Perché gli uomini. , Italian, Book edition: Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Traumpfade: the songlines: Roman / Bruce Chatwin ; aus dem Englischen von.

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These online bookshops told us they have this item: And there’s plenty of room to analyze Chatwin’s own positions and relationships to his subjects; as sympathetic and open as he portrays himself in character-narrator form to the “other”, he is white and from the empire center, and so there’s room to question his framing and way of seeing.

And here I must take a leap into faith: If I was to gruce this book a rating today it would be a very low one, but possibly my reasons for this could justify charwin it very highly as well view spoiler [ but since I don’t rate books on the whole this is neit Despite the title this isn’t really a book about the Australian outback, it is another book about Bruce Chatwin.

Too long, naive and for the most part annoying. To start with the title, very little of the book is actually chafwin the Songlines of the aborigines.

Instead, it was the English, island people, who came with their insular ways, thinking only of colonial settlements in Sydney. Questo spinge il lettore a sforzarsi di esprimere una propria opinione personale al riguardo di molti episodi particolari. I had never heard of songlines before reading this book – the fact that I’ve lived in Australia for most of my life and did not know this perhaps says as much about me and as much about the life of a white person in Australia as it does about anything else.


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The Songlines

Arkady says Australia would have been a very different place had it been settled by Russians or Slavs, or, indeed, any people with an understanding and appreciation of open spaces. Oddly enough, there are no close brushes with death in The Songlines, which I can only assume was an oversight. chatin

He never really pulls his theories together. Just a moment while we sign you chaatwin to your Goodreads account. Greg Pearson rated it did not like it Mar 05, Despite that this is a readable and ambitious book that is also compelling as a travel book of uncommon style.

The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

The Ultimate Reading List – Travel. Pre-colonial Australia was the last landmass on earth peopled not by herdsmen, farmers, or city dwellers, but by hunter-gatherers. I can’t help thinking there was none. While Chatwin repeatedly engages in pop-anthropology of dubious quality, he displays a breadth of imagination and a willingness to share it with the reader.

He seemed to ls satisfied with little glimpses of the people. The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.

Chatwin paints a vi The Aborigines’ way of navigating, communicating and negotiating by ‘Songlines’ is absolutely intruiging, and I thank this book for shedding some light on this subject. Not much about the Songlines or people themselves is learned.

Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Silvia Gariglio. – Version details – Trove

That’s Shit Dreaming,” the guide replies and breaks into hysterical laughter. I expected to learn about the songlines, the stories, history and mystery of this belief system that is so different from other religious beliefs. Italian Author Chatwin, Bruce, I wasted my time reading it. Both books scattered, personal and flawed, but the testaments of inquiring minds. To Chatwin these are but recent, local examples of an eternal basic distinction between settlers and wanderers.


Because I have never been to Australia this book was a songline in its own right for me. What if their observations were written many years before your own visit? Still, there’s buce much good stuff here I’d recommend to all. Eighty or a hundred thousand years? But, my raindance would have no relationship to the native American ancestors who came before us.

Le Vie dei Canti

The very melody and rhythm of the song can mark direction and distance. Chatwin further argues that man’s defining event is his victory, using only his brain, over the deadly predators that stalked our species during most of our history. The eponymous Songlines allow the book’s ‘surface level’ to point to the connection between nomadism, land, language and mythology – all the scenes Chatwin recorded featuring the Aboriginals and their traditions serve to present them as a present-day model of the original nomadic society, which we fully comprehend later on: Bill Paddock rated it did not like it Mar 17, But Chatwin has made a very dull affair of his report, it is not more than a chronicle of his interviews with Aboriginals and other people.