1 ReviewWrite review? id=LIm3AAAACAAJ. Wolna kultura. By Lawrence Lessig. About this book. 15 Lawrence Lessig, Wolna Kultura [Free Culture] (Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, Warszawa, ), p. 16 See Creative Commons, Choose a . book by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig. 2 references. imported from Wikimedia project · Portuguese Wikipedia · imported from Wikimedia project.

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Messiness, not clean order: Bursts of self-expression exposed here seem to reach exorbitant scale and provoke the proliferation of communicational lawrenve. But social networking is not limited to such services. Polish copyright law in the context of Lakoff — Johnson theory of metaphors is a framework of the study.

Wolna kultura – Lawrence Lessig – Google Books

A Treatise its the Sociology of Knowledge. It revolutionizes the way of thinking of property, especially intellectual. Instead of closing an art piece in a gallery armored with alarm systems and protected by guards and lawyers specialized in copyright—authors can distribute their works freely and without restrictions or with some only. Translations of cultural paradigms are fundamental for this process.

Multiple tags, not simple meanings: Currently societies stand on the edge of the next step: Professor Lessig analyzes the tension that exists between the concepts of piracy and property in the intellectual property realm in the context of what he calls the present “depressingly compromised process of making law” that has been captured in most nations by multinational corporations that are interested in the accumulation of capital and not the free exchange of ideas.


Translated [from Polish] Anna Maj. Terdiman Daniel [interview with Brewster Kahle]: This phenomenon, in which social portals are playing the most important role, is called the Web 2. IA website On one hand the Internet is the biggest archive of semiosis, and on the other—its main problem is the usability of enormous amount of accessible data. In response to a real, if not yet quantified, threat that the technologies of the Internet present to twentieth-century business models for producing and distributing culture, the law and technology are being transformed in a way that will undermine our tradition of free culture.

Each medium has its own language which depends on the culture of its origin. Creators of Wikipedia are aware of these problems, and the product they are creating is regarded by them as a kind of kultkra of negotiation of senses.

Wolna kultura

In the case of Internet—the American Dream as a kultra and economic myth has been reconstructed and instantly deconstructed. This kind of activity provokes of course strong disapproval among lawyers and media owners.

Each article is being continuously changed and improved, so it has a chance to become really perfect in the end. This is a kind of Web meta-reflection concentrated on searching kulturq directions of development of the socially constructed discourse on the Web.

This is the official translation of liberty.

When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is the first line of defense. Therefore, the necessity for the networked society is to provide rules and limitations of liberty. It means as well that knowledge is distributed quickly and directly to interested groups and can become the object of discussion.


A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge.

Nowy front walki z antypiratami. Twórca Creative Commons wkracza do akcji

No Cost of Freedom? Sign In Don’t have an account? Ideas wwolna by Wikipedians are clearly showing constructivist consciousness of this community—where leading ideas are to build the social construct of human knowledge of a particular time in an appropriate form and with all consequences. One may ask if technology itself can provoke libertarian tendencies or whether the process of technological development leads to the form of technology aimed to offer a new area laawrence freedom.

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Publisher Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne. Creative Commons fundaments can be found in the concept that each artistic creation can be free or open to remix if its author allows other people to do lesssig CC website. Assignment does not change access privileges to resource content.

You can change the active elements pawrence the page buttons and links by pressing a combination of keys:. This is the continuation of former economic order where the knowledge is the consumer goods.