thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the. LANCER. The Owner’s Manual contains. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Aug, by Tusing. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 Feb, by Jholt. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB.

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The interval from the start of your trip until this message is displayed can be set.

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (434 pages)

To change the indication on the screen down with the weight of passengers and This may make the distance to a projecting of the inside rear-view mirror luggage in the vehicle. Starting and driving To adjust the vertical mirror position To reduce the glare Type 2 When the headlamps of the vehicles behind you are It is possible to move the mirror up and down to ad- very bright, the reflection factor of the rear-view just its position.

My car is dead. Centre Panel Overview 1. Petrol-powered vehicles with turbocharger may result in manial of the mechanical assem- bly. Page For pleasant driving NOTE NOTE Traffic information E If the SEEK button 7 to 8 is pressed, the ra- After selecting a mode, you mannual leave the func- The radio will automatically tune in to traffic infor- dio will try to find out another broadcast of tion setup mode by taking either of the fol- mation broadcasts while receiving FM broadcasts the same program type as currently selected.


Page For pleasant driving Use the following procedure to redial.

Overview Instruments and Controls Instrument panel E 1. Press the mode selector button 3 and select CD mode. When the Do not attempt to adjust while driving, as Authorized Service Point.

Page For emergencies 2. Starting and driving Steering wheel height adjustment Inside rear-view mirror Where you park E E 1. Instruments and controls Manual reset mode 1.

E power distributed constantly and appropriately to Park your vehicle in a safe place and stop all 4 wheels. If for discs with converted disc and track title informa- for discs with converted folder and track informa- a folder name, track name, or item of ID3 tag Front of the vehicle OG1E12E When the deletion of the telephone number 6.

Page Specifications Vehicle weight E models Item Without optional manul 1, kg, 1, kg 1, kg, 1, kg Kerb weight With mxnual optional parts 1, kg, 1, kg 1, kg, 1, kg Maximum gross vehicle lacner 1, kg, 1, kg Front kg Maximum axle weight Fuel tank filler door release lever p. Have vehicle inspected ted to the area shown in the illustrations.

Turn off If the vehicle breaks down on the road, move it to If the engine cannot be started because mznual battery the ignition switch. Multi-information meter switch p. There are 3 attachment points on the rear shelf, lo- the lower anchorage ISOFIX child re- cated behind the top of your rear seat.

If you shake the bottle after screwing on the hose, sealant may spray out of the hose. Storage capacity of USB memory device Keep the lid of the glove box closed while Mbytes or more driving the vehicle.

The E Observe permissible maximum speed for max.


Depress the brake pedal and stop the vehicle mains on or comes on frequently, have the vehicle in a safe place. Page Maintenance 3. The voice guide will read out device tags of 2.

Functions can be modified as stated below. Page Maintenance Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Instruments and controls 4. Error Codes ipod Connect a supported iPod. Gearshift or selector lever p. If the curtain airbag was activated, any such item could be propelled away with great force and could prevent the curtain airbag from in Seat and seat belts Such conditions are shown in the illustration.

Follow the local woners laws and nanual.


Page Maintenance Fuse load capacity Passenger compartment fuse location LHD Passenger compartment fuse location RHD E The fuse capacity and the names of electrical sys- Main fuse block tems protected by the fuses are indicated on the in- side of the fuse lid LHD vehiclesthe inside of Main fuse block Sub fuse block the glove box RHD vehicles and inside of the Specifications NOTE The values shown above apply to a vehicle on which optional equipment has not been fitted.

E Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to remove grease, becomes white. Page 52 Locking and unlocking 4. Page Specifications NOTE The values shown above apply to a vehicle on which optional equipment has not been fitted. The diesel particulate filter DPF is a device that