This file has no description, and may be lacking other information. Please provide a meaningful description of this file. Date. Source, Own work. In English El lago junin, tambien llamado lago de reyes o chinchaycocha, es el segundo en importancia despues del lago titicaca. The marker shows the location of Lago Chinchaycocha, dpto. Junin, at ( Species recorded at Lago Chinchaycocha, dpto. Junin: Junin Grebe.

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Dark-winged Miner Geositta saxicolina. In years of abundant rains, fluctuations in the water level are moderate, chijchaycocha in years of drought water level may drop 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Slate-colored Coot Fulica ardesiaca.

Retrieved 25 January Most of the lake is located in the Junin Province of the Junin Regionits northwestern tip belongs to the Pasco Province which is in the Pasco Region. Puna Snipe Gallinago andina. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.


Wren-like Rushbird Phleocryptes melanops. Lake Junin is an important birdwatching destination in the country.

File:Lago Chinchaycocha o – Wikimedia Commons

Sedge Wren Cistothorus platensis. The following other wikis use this file: Great Egret Ardea alba.

Andean Flicker Colaptes rupicola. Puna Ibis Plegadis ridgwayi. Black Metaltail Metallura phoebe. Silvery Grebe Podiceps occipitalis. Sparkling Violetear Colibri coruscans.

White-winged Diuca-Finch Idiopsar speculifer. Plumbeous Rail Pardirallus sanguinolentus. These types of pollution are contributing to the natural eutrophication process of this wetland.

Yellow-billed Pintail Anas georgica. Pied Lapwing Vanellus cayanus. Giant Coot Fulica gigantea.

Yellow-rumped Siskin Spinus uropygialis. Andean Goose Oressochen melanopterus. Mountain Caracara Phalcoboenus megalopterus. The surface elevation of the lake is located at 4, Views Read Edit View history. Short-billed Pipit Anthus furcatus. Overview Recent Visits Illustrated Checklist. The introduced trout have been implicated in the decline of some native amphibian species. Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis.

This cninchaycocha was last edited on 24 Novemberat Stripe-headed Antpitta Grallaria andicolus. Slender-billed Miner Geositta tenuirostris.


Lago Chinchaycocha, dpto. Junin

Peruvian Sierra-Finch Phrygilus punensis. Puna Teal Spatula puna. Rock Pigeon Columba livia. Black-winged Ground-Dove Metriopelia melanoptera. Lake Junin has two endemic birds: