Results 1 – 19 of 19 You Searched For: hugh mynne (author/artist etc.) Edit Your Search .. La via delle fate Hugh, Mynne and Saba Sardi, F. La via delle fate. Hugh of Clopton’s bridge at Stratford-on-Avon, fifteenth cen- tury 55 entirely fallen. i It may be imagined what fate awaited unendowed country bridges. .. the paving of the highroad, alta via, running from Temple Bar to Westminster. Great was the wrath of this officer when he found Richard de Ayre- mynne, the. This is not quoted from Hugh the Chantor, and it would seem that there may have been In alle f o bokes of holy kyrc, fate holy men, fat tyme, con wyrc, 4 f o m[ esse is .. Jjou J>t wostis fo worlds synne, haue mercie on vs, more & mynne ; day & nyghte, Sicurly to sette ovfur ilke a delle Souerenly to luf ]?e welle.

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Note the carver, the cup-bearer, the musicians, the marshal of the hall, whose mission it is to expel objectionable intruders, whether men or dogs. The bridge was re-built in hy Skirlaw, Bishop of Durham.

La via delle fate: viaggio alla scoperta di un mondo incantato by Hugh Mynne (5 star ratings)

The parliament sitting in Westminster. If more- over a flood should occur, all mynnee over with the bridgeand often with the imprudent or hurried travellers who might be crossing late in the evening.

Not less doleful is the story of the bridge on the Dee at Chester, of which we hear in the myhne for the first time in andon account of its being carried away by the water, ‘ vla the same may be said of many of the bridges of mediaeval England, especially the longer ones.

This’ order had establishments all over England, and it was a piece nynne good fortune for the poor traveller to come to one of them. No less striking as a case where pious motives caused the building of a bridge is the contract of the thirteenth century, by which Reginald de Rosels allowed Peter, Abbot of Whitby, to erect a permanent bridge on the river Esk, between his own and the convent’s lands. The knight must speak pretty loud to make his dainty discourse, Round Table flavoured, heard by vla companion.

Their agricultural under- takings were of considerable extent ; an abbey such as that of Meaux, near Beverley, had in the middle of the fourteenth century, 2, sheep, oxen, and 98 horses, with land in proportion. Glasson, ” Ongii;es de la clameur de haro,” Paris, vate The duels of Thomas de Bruges were not those of the cases of felony and crime which resulted in the death of the vanquished; it was merely the duel with staiFand shield, cum Juste et scuto, which required, as may be imagined, the replacement of the champion much less frequently.


No trivia fatee quizzes yet. It immediately became celebrated, and was the admiration of all England. Text is clean and unmarked binding tight, some tanning of pages due to age. Catherine Gatzimos rated it it was amazing May 22, On the state of roads and bridges and on travelling in France, see d’Avenel, ” L’fivolution des Moyens de Transport,” Paris, Their own example Jiad taught them, and, from the beginning, they are found distributing to the shareholders in that great undertaking, the Conquest, domains scattered in every part hubh the island.

Lq passage in Leland well shows what they consisted of, how much wanted, and what a proper object they were, for generous minded, pious benefactors: Owing dellf such necessities London Bridge itself has dis- appeared, and even the recollection of the long years, during which it had been, so to say, a factor in English’ history and associated with the life of the nation, could: By degrees the old ” articles of the view,” greatly varying from place to place,’ had increased in number, and the jurors had to answer as to a variety of smaller offences often duplicating the justices’ own interrogatories.

Throughout the fourteenth century, the abuse called maintenance, which word meant in old French protection, was on the increase, in spite of all the efforts of king and Parliament. Lists with This Book. But the company had obviously a sus- picious appearance, and the abbess refused.

He then thus addresses the attendant: His squires armigert had from a mark 13s. Hugh of Clopton’s bridge at Stratford-on-Avon, fifteenth cen- tury 55 He desired, however, that some trace be left of an early comradeship: Louise rated it really liked it Jan 20, mybne Gregoire, late Bishop of Blois. Werburga, abbess of Ely, seventh century. Books by Hugh Mynne.

The Faerie Way: A Healing Journey to Other Worlds (Llewellyn’s Celtic Wisdom Series)

And xxiiij archers on foote for garde of the kinge’s body, who shall goe before the kinge as he travaleth thorough the cuntry ” ” King Edward IPs. It may be seen from our picture that part of these niceties was unknown yet to carvers in the first half of the fourteenth century. The official purveyors found the carts wherever they went and freely appropriated them ; they exercised their requisitions ten leagues on either side of the road followed by the royal convoy.


Two horses carried them, one before, the other behind, each being placed between the shafts with which the contrivance was provided at both ends. The ale-wife, who brews, God knows how, her beer herself, is a withered old crony, not unlike the ” weird sisters ” who were to welcome ‘ “Par ces tavemes chacun jour, Vous en trouveriez a sejour, Beuvans la toute la joumee Aussi tost que ont fait leur joumee.

See also in ” Archaologia,” vi. Massive bibliography as well. With just the very occasional odd spot, otherwise all pages are clean and unmarked. Text is clean and unmarked, binding tight, all staples and pages in place nothing loose, some tanning of pages due to paper used and age. And there also are to be seen some of those idle gallants who haunt taverns, handsome and gay. Buckler, “Remarks upon Wayside Chapels,” Oxford, Elizabeth Stone rated it it was amazing Feb 19, AH these had one character in common, namely, that in the wide extent of country where they passed their lives, ever on the move, they served as links between the separated groups of other men who, attached to the soil by law or custom, spent the whole of their days, irremovable, under the same sky, on the same ground, at the same toil.

The custom of having a number of resolute followers wearing one’s colours became universal at the end of Edward Ill’s reign and under Richard II ; it survived in spite of statutes ‘ during the whole of the fifteenth century, and contributed to render even more embittered and bloody the War of the Roses.

Another example is to be found in J. To ask other readers questions about La via delle fateplease sign up. Episcopal prescriptions might often seem to do great work ; a fahe seeming. For this they ” assigned certain tenements and rents in the said town to support it, and with their alms have newly built an oratory on the side of the water belonging to Lord Mowbray, by leave of the lord, adjoining the said bridge.

Innumerable are the examples of inquests of this sort and of the difficulties in executing the measures decided on. From an engraving dated 18