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However, the Maya did also exert a widespread influence over neighboring contemporary cultures, one which was significant and not morlej be overlooked. Sylvanus Morley was also to be remembered as a spokesman and representative of the Maya peoplesamong whom he spent wylvanus much of his time, and who otherwise lacked the means to directly address some of their concerns with the wider public.

Over the next three centuries after the Conquest, the site remained relatively undisturbed until the arrival of Stephens and Catherwood, although several plantations were established nearby.

As his later work proved, Morley was also a genuine scholar and archaeologist with an abiding interest in the region. Contributions to American Archaeology, No. In addition to his scholarly work, Morley thought it important to share his enthusiasm for the ancient Maya with the public. The reconstructions of Chichen Itza and other sites were widely admired; but in terms of the research output and the resulting documentation produced, the legacy of these projects did not quite amount to what might have been expected to come from such a lengthy investigation.

Coeand David H.

Catalog Record: La civilización maya | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The chronology of Chichen Itza continues to be a source of debate, and the hoped-for answers to the mystery of the Classic Maya decline elusive wholesale “Mexicanisation” by invading forces ruled out by the lack of these indicators in the central and southern sites.


The authors of research into his maga proclaim Morley “arguably the best secret agent the United States produced during World War I”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. In his autobiography, the Spanish professor noted the effect of this name change and subsequent confusion:.

Anthropologist and Mayanist scholar archaeologyepigraphy. After the assignment Morley went to work permanently for the Covilizacion, and over the next several years alternated his fieldwork assignments between the Southwest, and Mexico and Central America. In common al most other Maya scholars, Morley was particularly interested in the mysterious nature of the Maya script.

Sylvanus Morley

Morley’s personal research library is preserved and available for consultation at the Laboratory of Anthropology Library in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Of these, perhaps the two most notable were J. Morley gave Merriam a tour of the area he believed civilizqcion be best for excavation and restoration, a mound complex then known as the Group of One Thousand Columns which included the Temple of Warriors.

Morley made extensive excavations of the Maya site of Chichen Itza that he directed moley behalf of the Carnegie Institution. However, this was in the midst of the Great Depression and funds for hiring were scarce; it mofley also not clear whether Morley had the appropriate authority to do so.

This is easily explained by the fact that he is one of the few archaeologists who have studied the hieroglyphs of Chichen Itza. After the close of the Chichen Itza Project, Civjlizacion began spending more time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he had lived half of the year every year since The convincing evidence which was to overturn this view became known only after Morley’s death, starting with Yuri Knorozov ‘s work in the s. Some sources erroneously note his birthplace as Massachusetts, in apparent confusion with that of his cousin, also named Sylvanus Griswold Morley.

La civilización maya – Sylvanus Griswold Morley – Google Books

By the turbulent political situation in Mexico had stabilized somewhat, clearing the way for work to begin on the Carnegie Institution’s Chichen Itza project. Without naming the suspected archaeologists, [20] Boas’ letter denounced these Central American operatives who had “prostituted science by using it as a cover for their activities as spies”.


During the s, it also morlfy evident that he had developed cardiac difficultieswhich would plague him for the remainder of his life. He also published several large compilations and treatises on Slvanus hieroglyphic writingand wrote popular accounts on the Maya for a general audience. In December the board maaya it was seeking proposals for an appropriate project; three proposals were submitted, including one from Morley to explore and excavate Chichen Itza.

In they discovered an older structure underneath this latter, which they called the “Temple of the Chacmool” after a further example found of this distinctive statuary.

Several later archaeologists would recall that their youthful exposure to these articles, “vividly illustrated with a color rendition of a purported virgin in filmy huipil [a type civilizwcion clothing] being hurled into the Sacred Cenote”, had drawn them into the field in the first place.

Over the years, he was to act almost as their representative in several matters, although he was equally careful not to upset the Mexican and U.

In his day, Morley was widely regarded as one of the leading figures in Maya scholarship, in authority perhaps second only to Eric Thompson, whose views he mostly shared. His publications are now generally superseded, except for his calendrical compilations.

The Jean Charlot Collection.