Available to authorized students of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who have received the appropriate empowerment and reading transmission. This manual is . This e-book serves as a guideline for the Kurukulla Dakini Practice. . article does not represent the official TBS Kurukulla Practice Sadhana. Kurukulla Sadhana Dujom Rinpoche – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Kurukulla, magic, and Buddhism – Dharma Wheel

Up, down, and in all directions, people everywhere will simply adore and follow one. She is adorned with ornaments of human bone and has a tiger skin across her thighs. She stands upon a red sun disc because her nature is hot and enflamed with passion and upon a red lotus blossom because she is a pure vision of enlightened awareness. I shall practice sadhana following Thee.

Kurukulla Unification Sadhana

One pair draw a bow entwined with flowers and an utpala-tipped arrow at her ear. Preceding these tantric vows, you always take refuge and bodhisattva vows. Thus, if you want to rid yourself and others of sickness, etc. White Tara is an example of a deity that specifically has sadhanna white function.

This is ”fire energy” and this is Kurukulla’s ”fire” vow. These four functions are allotted to the four gates of the mandala palace, namely, the white or pacifying function in the east, the yellow or increasing function in the south, the red or enchanting function in the west, and the black or destroying function in the north.

Individually copyrighted text and graphics herein are copyright the respective copyright holders. Once again, indivisible unity, illusory dynamic energy, Arises as the wisdom display of the universe and its beings. She is mentioned in two other places in the second chapter of Part I v. If one blows a puff of air at a person one dislikes, he or she will quickly be transferred elsewhere. She is surrounded by an aura of light. Maybe you will get some benefit from making a connection with the Vajra master, but you won’t have the fuel or fire to do the practice.


Without attachment, self-liberating, like a snake in a knot.

She was also taken into Hinduism for her name is found among the one thousand epithets of Mahadevi in the Lalita-sahasra-namah. All sicknesses of sentient beings are cleansed by water. First off, I am a beginner to Buddhism, I have the basics pat down szdhana my interest in Buddhism is quite different from the average Buddhist as I’m interested in the occult side and its uses to my practices. Khadga-siddhi sadhhanathe power to be invincible in battle with a sword khadga. If the other party is someone that one likes, then it represents small scale of love and respect.

Whatever one’s undertakings or desires, whether for fame, status, or wealth, one will succeed. An avid poet, artist and athlete, he travels extensively teaching throughout the world.

Just as Tara in her usual green form may be called upon by Buddhists to protect them from various dangers and threats, in particular kurkuulla eight great terrors and the sixteen fears, so in her red form as Kurukulla, she may be called upon to exercise her powers of enchantment and bewitchment to bring under her power dbang du bsdud those evil spirits, demons, and humans who work against the welfare of humanity and its spiritual evolution.

Tibet was famous for its rich gold deposits. According to the texts, Kurukulla is sixteen years old because sixteen is the ideal number that signifies perfection, four times four.

Hence they are yellow in color. The second right hand holds a hook made from the stem of an utpala.

Kurukulla Unification Sadhana

Guru Thubten Dargye also took Kurukulla as his principal deity. When you practice after achieving this insight, you are sure to be enlightened quickly even if you do not resort to the tantric path.


In his own nature as the Dharmakaya, the Buddha is beyond conception by the finite human mind. The Sakyong wishes for his students to make a personal relationship with the Kurukulla sadhana, but there are no mantra requirements nor is there a number of sessions to do. Kurukulla, magic, and Buddhism Forum for discussion of Tibetan Buddhism. The power of Kurukulla is extraordinary.

Dzogchen, Chinese Buddhism and the Universal Mind. A tantric sadhana is a completely different thing if you don’t understand the motivation, philosophy, and worldview behind it, it will look like something it is not supposed to be. Questions specific to one school are best posted in the appropriate sub-forum. Ananta is her hair ribbon, Vasuki is her necklace, Takshaka is her ear rings, Karkotaka is her sacred thread, Padma is her girdle, Mahapadma is her anklet, and so on.

Dispelling the Extreme Views of Permanence and Nihilism. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is the head of the Shambhala lineage. Through the qualities of meditating in that way, Mental obscurations are purified and the dharmakaya is attained.

The former comes from God and his angels and the latter from the Devil and his minions. To help sentient beings have perfect love and respect. And please forgive me if I cause any confusion, I don’t mean to step on Buddhist tradition. Dedication and Verse of Auspiciousness.

Her first right hand holds an arrow made of utpala flowers. Her two hands hold a mala or rosary and a bowl full of lotus flowers. Moreover, she is surrounded by a retinue of eight goddesses resembling herself, but with four arms: