Kumaon Ka Itihas” is one of popular and first book on Kumaon History & Culture. Written by famous writer and freedom fighter Badri Dutt Pandey, the book has. Kumaon Ka Itihaas (कुमाऊं का इतिहास). Product Code: Samaya Books- Badri Dutt Pandey; Availability: In Stock. Check delivery at your pincode. 0 reviews. History of Kumaun: English version of Kumaun ka itihas [Badari Datta Pande] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

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Paunraja is wearing a small Dhoti, upper garment, small cap and he is in Gyanmudra position shown by his left hand and right hand. The administrators Manik and Puran Mal Gaida were great lovers of music and female dancers.

Dharampal Boo,Madan Chandra Bhatt and many more. The wood crafts could also be seen on old Tibari, Chhajja, Jangla. I had read this book in a library in Delhi so i was eager to read this online. The wood craftsmen used to carve drawing on Tun or Devdaru wood. Dr Jayal Juyal initiated research in Kumaon and found many new ma aspects of Kumaon archeology and history of Kumaon.

It seems that the last part of Manaskhand kuman completed in Bajbahadur Chandra period. Another type of Paunraja mixed metal sculpture was in Jageshwar temple. He settled in Kashi in middle of eighteenth century. Kumaon — Home of the Gods Rs. Shakambari Juyal was born in The artists used to carve images of nature, plants, Purnkumbh, animals, god, goddesses and other Hindi cionic images on wood columns. When Dr Juyal became head of department, she worked hard to make the library as research oriented library.


It seems that Aipan started from Katyuri period in Kumaon. Copyright Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, India, bckukreti gmail. Inthe smugglers theft the Kali metal sculpture kymaon valuable gems from Mahakali temple of Khaspadkhola. I saw a portion of your grand father’s book in a seminar on environmental issues mainly related to global warming. Janamjey asks the road for Mansarovar. Great work, if u need any kind of help do let me know Later on she bokk professor at Government College Ranikhet and retired from there.

Premnidhi Pant became famous for his Tantrik Vidya. King Udyot Chandra built an entertainment hall in his palace.

Not that it really matters, the work is excellent. There are no products. Lakshmidhar settled in Kashi. Please login or register.

History of Kumaun (English version of Kumaun Ka Itihas) Vol 1 by Pande s | MCADD-PAHAR

As the name suggest this pages long book contains all the information about the Land of Gods. Dr Shakambari Jayal Juyal was supporter of cultural history than Formal history, journalistic history, and archeological history. Though, it is said that Manaskhand is part of Skandpuran booo no publishers Mumbai, Lucknow and Gorakhpur of Skandpuran included Manaskhand in Skandpuran.

Hundreds of sculptures were looted by Muslim attackers and tens of sculptures were theft by smugglers. Regarding bok book of your “barbajyu”, man this is a great work of him and kudos to you to bring this on net. King Vijay Chandra was addicted to music, songs, dance and wine. Additional Information Weight 0.

Badri Dutt Pandey, Born on 15 Feb in Kankhal Haridwar, was a renowned freedom fighter and a much respected personality in the Himalayas. In Shyainik Shastram, the name of creator is Shrikurmachaldhipati Rudradev. King Jagat Chandra was sponsor of gambling and the gambling players.


Asian School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand Phone: Friday, La 30, at 5: There were some facts in it which defies concept of global warming with historical facts. The book is one of the earliest creations by any writer from either Garhwal bbook Kumaon region and takes a look at the history of the region of Kumaun hills and its people. Hi Prashant, Felt really good to see our great grandfather’s book online.

Kumaon ka Itihas

The book is an encyclopedia about the tourists, pilgrims, trekkers and adventurers. However, I think your are not a direct descendent of Sh.

Saturday, December 1, at 4: Hey Prashant, You doing a great job by spreading the details about this beautiful land. This books has very few copies and it is good that you are bringing it online. There is a Paunraja sculpture made of eight metals alloy in Katarmall temple. She kumxon born after her parents returned from Shakmbhari Temple pilgrim, Saharanpur and they named her as Shakambhari.

All d bst 4 ur gr8 deed!!!!!!! King Devi Chandra was famous for sponsoring artists of music, dance. Gorkhas were stronger than all Hill states as Garhwal and Himachal. You are doing a great service to Kumaonis. He became famous at kumxon age of thirty two.

Monday, June 29, at 5: Afterward, She also arranged two more History Exhibitions in Nainital.