Blackveil (Green Rider) [Kristen Britain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan. Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan G’ladheon in author Kristen Britain’s New York Times-bestselling Green Rider fantasy series •.. . Praise. Praise for the Green Rider series: “Green Rider is a wonderfully captivating heroic fantasy adventure. Kristen Britain’s likable heroine.

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Blackveil (Green Rider, book 4) by Kristen Britain

It keeps me intrigued, waiting for the return of that perspective, only to see me grumble and growl when I have to move on from the new perspective. Like many others, I totally fell in love with the first book of the Green Riders series. All the other books had a nice end to it so that I was happy and content and could actually wait for the next book. Feb 16, Minutes. It is quite a delay for the UK release of Blackveil, but I have to say I really like the designs they came up with for the series.

Thanks for the comments Anonymous and Sara!

And this is not nostalgia talking since I just reread the series. I confess it took me a while to get to this book primarily because I saw there were some negative reviews focusing on how “YA” the series became with this installment.

I do not know how many of you, like me have waited for the next thrilling episode, chapter and book of this wonderful story. The previous books sold fine without that silliness!

Views Read Edit View history. Plus now, he has already “consummated” his marriage and so in my mind forever defiled. Plus it spanned most of the last book and the first quarter of this one.


Refresh and briain again. If I tried blavkveil list them all, I know I would forget some. But none of these truths are enough to stop me from falling headlong into Britain’s books.

Sep 01, Eric Allen rated it it was ok. All in all, it’s a good book, only some sequences are better than others, and that makes it hard work to stay with it sometimes. I understand leaving things unsaid so that there can be a next installment, but really?

Blackveil by Kristen Britain

I forgot how great this book bitain. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Kristen refers to the romance angle in her series as a mere ‘subplot’, but she’s kidding herself. Kristen Britain is a powerful story teller, even if she is not a very original one. It was a clever way to expose the Kings true feelings for Karrigan. Well it turns out that the ring belonged to britqin sea kings which the Berry sisters told himbut we get a little history on the sea blackvwil thank you Zachary and Estora for growing up on the coast.

Still keeping at it with my journey through Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series. Jan 04, Wendy Lynn Brion rated it it was amazing. I was really sad when Yates died. This is a wonderful installment in the Green Rider series, even if it does have a terrible cliffhanger.

Kristen Britain’s Official Site Blackveil

Ships from and sold by Amazon. It also cleverly manages to develop characters in such a way as to make you completely change your mind about them.

Karigan and her companions enter Blackveil heading for Castle Argenthyne, the ancient home of the Eletians. She also abuses and hurts her characters to no end. Share your thoughts with other customers.


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Maybe because her krissten are doing better, she’d be more pressured blackkveil write a little faster. This book has a ridiculous cliffhanger and considering that there was a 2 year gap between the third book and this book, answers aren’t going to be coming anytime soon.

You can pretty much skip this book entirely, I think, and not be lost at all upon picking up book 5. But first he must survive cruelty, chains and the bitter waters of the Shattered Sea itself. Once again Kristen Britain has done it.

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She enjoys exploring the magical places around her and can often be found paddling a canoe in stillwater, ambling through the woods to mountain summits, or sitting along the rocky shore listening, watching, and daydreaming.

Not sure, but I am really hoping to see the Weapons Island and really curious to see who takes their place, I place my bets on Fastion being one of them.

And the Grandmother wanted to wake them up because her God which turns out the be Morhavon blackvejl her to. If I’m reading a series, and I like the tone of the books–I like that tone to stay true blackvell the series.

What are you doing to your formerly awesome series? She knows her duty to her monarch and to the messenger service. The only thing she did in this was choose a mask, then break it to create the most frustrating cliff blxckveil ending in the entire series.