Installment 9 in the bestsellingImmortals After Dark series New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole enraptures again with this seductive tale of a fierce. Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole Dear Ms. Cole: It is no secret that I am a big fan of your Immortals After Dark series, and I have. Pleasure of a Dark Prince is the ninth book in the Immortals After Dark series, it was published in February, It features Garreth Author. Kresley Cole.

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She does almost nothing for this love, while Garreth risks everything.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince | Immortals After Dark (IAD) Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They face several dangers, such as giant caimans, new kinds of supernatural beings, mysteries, the legend of El Dorado, and really hot nights. This was great because times have changed and the Accession has started! Garreth spen “Lass, I’m about to make you a widow–” Kresley Cole is more and more merciless — with her characters and with krresley readers as well. What vole his deal??? This means we see a few past events, this time through different perspectives.

pleasjre But it was thousands of years ago! More books in this series: I may say that this exceeded Wicked Deeds kresle a Winter’s Night. Can the beast seduce a beauty and make her love him. Immortals After Dark 9. Number of sex scenes: What separates one Lykae from the next?

See more by Kresley Cole. After reading some of the books I am absolutely amazed at her ability to take me to a Each story is original, a magical world filled with characters that I want to have as friends and be part of their lives!!!!


Not only is she having horrible nightmares, which always happen whenever the Bloody Broken One is about to rise, but she still has to deal with Garreth. Cole has a great imagination, creating characters that populate her ever-expanding Lore, and making me even more of a devoted reader. The treasure hunt was a nice addition, giving this book that Indiana Jones vibe that I love. I’d like to order a chase scene. She is also close to being a pleasurre heroine because of her unfortunate past and the way she feels about herself.

I hope this trend does not continue through out this series.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

I actually liked her. Pleasure of a Dark Prince Paperback Immortal rugby — HOT! Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are no love triangles and no cheating. If you haven’t started this series- what are you waiting for?

Pleasure of a Dark Prince — All About Romance

So she goes on a quest to get a magic arrow which she will use to kill Crom. She has to search for an arrow called a dieumort, which is the only weapon that can kill a creature like him.

He was soooo devoted to her I knew he wouldn’t judge her and would only want to help her. Maybe one day I will have the strength needed to do this difficult task!

And she really, truly showed how much he meant to her, going after him plsasure his time of need.

I had tears welling up and I was on the edge of my seat as I hoped and prayed that they would have their much deserved HEA. View all 29 comments. Learn more about Kresley at: Kresley Cole writes exceptional characters and Garreth and Lucia are examples of that talent.


Garreth’s perseverance is admirable; he is loyal, fierce, possessive, and never misses his aim. View all 50 comments.

Did you never think that I doona like nymphs? Also, her love for Regin was something really sweet. More books in this series: Exactly what I expect from a good paranormal romance book. Here, rub your face on this napkin. I must admit that I was expecting another kidnap-molest-seduce-love scenario so the change of air was an asset to the story. Books by Kresley Cole.

This one was a little more horror than romance for me but the two MC are great. I would give anythi Wow, I just finished this and I am still staring into nothingness because of it. Let’s cut the niceties. Here I am reading this book at the gym on the elliptical, with my kdesley glued to the pages, which were singeing my fingers. Not to sound like a broken record but Kresley Cole is one of my ultimate favorite authors and this series is my pleasre addiction.

A book that combines a road romance with a hero in pursuit and mixes in an alpha male and a strong, smart heroine is a delight for me. But she meant a bairn—our bairn.

Lucia the Huntress never gives up so easily when it comes to her life, peasure she fights the temptation pulling her to him strongly, no matter how hard it gets.