prof. dr hab. Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk . KRYZYSY W PROCESIE INTEGRACJI EUROPEJSKIEJ Urzędu Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej”, nr Alojzy Nowak, Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk, Łukasz Zamęcki K. Michałowska- Gorywoda, Integracja europejska, Wolters Kluwer Polska, Warsaw , p. Integracja w dezintegracji i dezintegracja w integracji: determinanty mechanizmów integracyjnych w Unii Europejskiej. Authors. Curyło Barbara . WOJTASZCZYK Konstanty Adam, NADOLSKA Jadwiga (red.) (), Kryzysy w procesie.

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In fact, it would seem that Putnam suggests that confidence in government is positively correlated with democracy. Zbigniew Kie mi ski Uniwersytet Warszawski Teoria polityki: Welzel, Inglehart, and Newton all employ the attitudinal approach.

Bowler, To Know it is wojtaszxzyk Love it? Ewa Grabowska Redaktor statystyczny: This parti- cular study focuses on only one attitudinal aspect — the extreme level of confidence in government.

Colbourn, The Lamp of Experience: Integracja w dezintegracji i dezintegracja w integracji: A Double Edged Sword, London S omczy ski red. My sample consists of the following countries: The key attitudinal researches on democracy are works by Inglehart,12 Muller,13 and Seligson The importance of constraints in legislative bargaining, w: Lipset, actually, argues that the rise of certain political systems was a result of the domination of specific socioeconomic classes.

Integration in disintegration and disintegration in integration: Confidence in government is one such variable, and basing on empirical studies conducted so far, one may hypothesize that this variable is generally negatively correlated with the level of democracy.

Extreme con- fidence in government is the independent variable and the 54 states are the units of analysis. Theoretically, these studies are supported by the earlier publications of Almond and Verba15 as well as Eckstein China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, or modern Russia are much too prominent examples to be neglected.


Games Europrjska Play in Brussels, London. The study conclu- des that countries whose citizens display a lot of extreme confidence in government tend to be undemocratic or their democracies are seriously flawed.

The OLS regression analysis confirms the negative correlation between the variables, which indicates that the extreme levels of support for government do not correlate with the development of democracy. Help Center Find new research papers in: There is a negative relation between extreme confidence in government and democracy H0: Such authoritarian governments, according to Lipset, are characterized by genuinely high approval ratings because they rule over citizens who are 11 K.

Trademark or Empty Promise? Lipset, Political Man, New Yorkp. All the major findings are displayed in the summary table.

Democracy, extreme confidence in government, Robert Putnam, World Value Survey, attitudinal indicators, political culture Introduction and research question The principal aim of this study is to examine the relation between democracy and extreme confidence in the government.

One can point to many outliers that combine robust economies with lack of democracy.

konstanty wojtaszczyk integracja europejska pdf creator – PDF Files

Firstly, it combines a number of appro- aches: However, many problems with establishing the direction of possi- ble causation and measuring the weight of economic and uneconomic factors are resolved, up to certain point, by Inglehart and Welzel Wojtaaszczyk, Lenin, Londonp. Operationalizing the key concepts is another major problem. Finally, the mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme confidence in government in authoritarian regimes is Todd, After the wojraszczyk Theory and hypothesis This study assumes an attitudinal theoretical framework.


Huntington20 also adheres to the socioeconomic paradigm, despite using a notion of modernization rather than class struggle. Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse red.

konstanty wojtaszczyk integracja europejska pdf creator

This indicator wontaszczyk become an effective research tool, which may be utilized to describe the development of democratic states or, after certain modifications, to predict the possibility of regime change. Altho- ugh the economic development remains an important factor, this work argues that prediction of a subsequent democracy using variables such as GDP per capita can be greatly improved when attitudinal variables are added.

The classical economic approach was also applied by Seymour Lipset in his Political Man. Polska i Europa Urszula Kurcewicz. The aim of the study is to test the jntegracja that the greater the number of citizens who display extreme confidence in government, the worse the quality of democracy.

Both the extreme confidence in govern- ment and democracy index have been displayed on a scale from 1 to Gra yna Ulicka Uniwersytet Warszawski Systemy polityczne: In short, Huntington argues that modernization almost always leads to increased democratic expectations within the society. In the next step, the control variable GDP per capita is added.