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The software application was implemented on the STM32 Nucleo motherboard, and graphically – in the Unity3D gaming engine. Market analysis is performed by assessing it’s current status and future predictions, possible interference and opportunities to consolidate our position in the market.

Algorithm consists of convolutional neural network for image segmentation and support vector machine for segments classification. End result — created system, which is capable of receiving input, processing it, and outputting to graphical user interface.

There is made analytical overview of literature sources, investigated positioning methods.

The konkjrentu objective of thesis – to plan and create management system for manufacturing company. The aim of the final bachelor’s work is to create a system for monitoring various computer parameters by launching and connecting the data collection program to computers and displaying them in network applications.

Internet system, open source, user behavior, analysis system, front-end, naalize, internet warning, user monitoring, behavior results. The task of this work was the recognition of isolated Lithuanian words using convolutional neuronal networks. The work consists of an introduction and a task analysis, an overview of analogous products, algorithms for the device and analizd components, a user graphical interface, server development, program development, testing of all components, economic analysis, summary of results, list of literature and information sources, and appendices.


Choose type Bachelor Master. System server part was accomplished based on Linux operating system using JAVA programming language and Linux commands. The paper looks at the konkuerntu popular video broadcast platforms on the market: Algorithm for its data processing and transmission was implemented. Analyze how the best method is working, its pros and cons, after choosing one. According to the task there was a web application for monitoring and analysis qnalize user behaviour user interface and user experience created and applied.

The main objective of this final thesis is to create the ionizing radiation background meter. JavaScript was used to ensure web pages functionality. After completing mentioned tasks, model was constructed. Konkurehtu new set of photos from the video recorder in poor environment conditions has been collected and tagged. The work consists of 7 parts: The purpose of the Master Thesis is to investigate of sensor based object detection methods. Objective — to create a smart outlet system, capable of measuring power consumption, humidity, temperature, controlled using an app for smartphones.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

Project goal was reached, all tasks implemented successfully. The paper analyzes analogous homemade meters and their operation principles. Bachelor thesis for Electronics Engineering degree. Investigation of Sensor based Object Detection Methods. The soil moisturization system was created and tested successfully. Business plan contains an administrative summary, an analysis of strenghts — weaknesses — threats — opportunities, strategy and implementation summary, financial planning.

Numerical data are described median and limits interkvartilnog range in case of distribution that does not follow a normal distribution. Students name, surname Tadas Nevinskas. The software is used to measure, store everyday ECG data and represent the cardiogram and the rhytmogram graphically. Thesis consist of 57 pages text without appendixes, 35 illustrations, 10 tables, 12 program code scrolls, 3 annexes. The javascript language with the NodeJs engine is selected for programming.


Conclusions are presented at the end of the work.

Palyginti du atvirojo kodo sprendimai, tinkami veikti Raspberry Pi 3 valdiklyje. To reach main objective of the project, simmilar systems were analysed, their pros and cons evaluated, functional and structural schemes were drawn, UML diagrams for database and algorithms were created. Creation of protype design consisted of structural systems and control module schemes, principal electrical schemes.

Subject Mobile Video Broadcasting System. Testing of the program and system check finished successfully Keywords: Darbo apimtis — 56 p. This research describes the economic justification of the system, establishment of the company konkuremtu Maintenance”.

Portera piecu spēku analīze — Vikipēdija

Darbo apimtis — 68 p. For comparison purposes, the several different speech signal analysis techniques were chosen: With the use of ESP and ATtiny13 microcontrollers, electrical principled diagrams and their printed circuit boards were designed using the Altium16 program. The goal is achieved by analyzing analogous systems by creating a dynamically operating web application graphical interface using angular technology and connecting it to a server created using express and loop-back technologies, it communicates with the database and processes its data into which, the program is started on computer and sends real-time information about the characteristics of the computer.

Electronic notebook, elekctronic paper, STM32 microcontroller, control unit, touchscreen.