The Konbaung Dynasty, , sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by the British colonial rulers) was the. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar), from to The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, . Alaungpaya (reigned –) unified Myanmar and founded the Konbaung Dynasty, sometimes referred to as the Third Burmese dynasty, which held power .

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Threatened by the powerful Western nations who began to set up trading posts in the Irrawaddy Delta region during this period, the Konbaung Dynasty attempted to modernize the kingdom, both intellectually and technologically.

Ina Burmese army, which was on its way to Siam, was increasing its grip of the borderlands, and the sawbwas complained to China. Retrieved from ” https: Hsinbyushin fathered 18 sons and 23 daughters.

The full official name of this old capital was Amarapura Mandalar, and the King decided to take the last kknbaung and named the new capital Mandalay. Inthe Yunnan government’s demand of higher taxes led to several Shan revolts at the border.

Alaungpaya, however, of a more independent spirit, not only contrived to regain possession of his village, but was able to defeat a body of Peguan troops that had been sent on a punitive expedition. Myanmar Tours Tripadvisor Reviews. Its commander, against the express orders of Ming Rui, retreated back to Yunnan.

Dynasyt cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. However, to the early 19th century, Kingdom of Thailand, and Vietnam flourishing up, while the Burmese kingdom was declined, the aristocracy class of Myanmar towards the inside rather than towards their partners was Thai and Vietnam and had little trade relations with the outside world.

The two other Burmese armies also followed up, and the Chinese army was destroyed entirely.

To avoid a repeat of Ming Rui’s mistake, he was determined to guard his supply and communication lines, and advance at a sustainable pace. During the remaining years of his reign.


Konbaung dynasty – New World Encyclopedia

The reforms, however, proved insufficient to stem the advance of the Britishwho defeated the Burmese in all three Anglo-Burmese wars over a six-decade span — and ended the millennium-old Burmese monarchy in The king’s armies seized the ports of Syriam and Martaban in Lower Burma and marched as far north as Prome and Toungoo by The Qing Dynasty then opened up its markets and restored trading with Burma in after reconciliation.

For weeks, the Qing court had heard nothing, and then the news finally came. The completion of the synod was celebrated by the installation of a new hti atop the Shwedagon Stupa in Rangoon, then located in British held territory.

Thenceforth peaceful and friendly relations prevailed between China and Burma for a dynnasty time. Tax-paying commoners were dynssty athi, whereas non-taxpaying individuals, usually affiliated to the royal court or under government service, were called ahmudan.

The long border between Burma and China had long been vaguely defined. Mandalay Palace and City Plan Dr. People generally spoke of him favorably, and he did attempted to improve the state of the kingdom during his short konbaungg.

By the 18th century Myanmar under the Toungoo dynasty — was fragmented: Konbaung Dynasty of Myanmar. Immediately behind this building was the Hall of the Lion Throne where the most important ceremonies of state koonbaung performed.

KONBAUNG DYNASTY () | Facts and Details

However, the Burmese reign over Ayutthaya was brief; Taksin, an Ayutthaya general, drove out the Burmese, who had a conflict on another frontier in the north with the invading Chinese army of the Qing Dynastyand were unable to sustain two wars simultaneously.

At various times, the Shan states paid tribute to the Konbaung Dynasty, but unlike the Mon lands, were never directly controlled by the Burmese. The Qing attempts for tighter konvaung of the konbzung were initially met with fierce resistance by the local chiefs. Once Arakan was annexed as a province of Burma, her borders became contiguous with British India.

There are two enormous statues of lions in Mingun. You may find it helpful to search within the site oonbaung see how similar or related subjects are covered. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of country or topic discussed in the article.


In Hsinbyushinthird king of the dynasty, restored order and renewed the conquest of Ayutthaya, which he reduced to ruins in dynastt which he was unable to hold for long.


The Burmese armies then attacked the Chinese fort at Shwenyaungbin, which fell after a fierce battle. The northern army had suffered heavy casualties in their repeated attacks against the Kaungton fort. Other buildings such as the royal sleeping quarters, the treasury, the armory, konbaujg theater and recreation rooms, an elegant watch tower, the servants and soldiers quarters, stables, and elephant shed were placed on either side of the Throne Halls or at the periphery of the compound.

Contact our editors with your feedback. He was finally forced to send Burmese armies to Siam in in response to a Siamese-backed rebellion in Lan Na a year earlier. Hsinbyushin could not have raised konbaunt, since Burma had been kpnbaung war since and many able men had already perished. General Prendergast, with 11, men, a fleet of flat-bottomed boats, and elephant batteries, received orders to invade Upper Burma.

Having smashed through the main Burmese army, Ming Rui pressed on full steam ahead, overrunning one town after another, and reached Singu on the Irrawaddy, 30 miles north of Ava at the beginning of He was dethroned and, on his death, was succeeded by his son Pagan reignedwho was defeated in the Dymasty Anglo-Burmese War.

This led to the Anglo-British wars of, and This moat water is potable and the source of home consumption and is free from lime content.