x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . KNOW THYSELF. BY. NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. KNOW THYSELF. EDUCATION AS . When you understand that we are all people of a sim- ilar destiny, fate and .

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There are many contemporary African-American scholars who strongly agree with Dr. The protest has been far in excess of the require- ments of the demand but the protest has been brutal and intense. Foreign invaders from Europe colonized the African continent, took their natural resources, exploited the people, ridiculed and interrupted their indigenous cultural practices.

We would envision more than a token presence on the landscape of someone else’s vision, but we w ould see ourselves in a significant place of decision-making both in this nation and around the world.

Who are we and why are we really here. Since our focus in this discussion is on the shared experiences of people of African descent in the context of the United States, then the example of this group is an appropriate illustration of this dimension of the self.

Education is supposed to be ethnocentric in its foundation because it can only be effective in bringing- out the potential that is within if the educators or teachers know what is within.

Full text of ” Know Thyself Na Im Akbar”

A criterion of education then is not how much money that you make, but how effective you are in gaining inde- pendent mastery of this power to influence. The Ashanti child is taught to read, dance and speak with images and models that give them a greater awareness of the Ashanti identity. Ones mission is to give sendee to others and the particular of those services is ones special mission. This collective vision might be a nation, an ajbar group or a community.


Nwim same can be said about electricity, engines, flight, the cau- sation of diseases, etc.

This is yet another example of the kind of power that comes from a true education and the loss of power which comes from miseducation. Africa lnow claim the completed form of modern civilization as exclusively her gift, because other cultures have definitely enhanced their contribution. Dominique rated it it was amazing Jan 15, An educa- tional system knod be moral in the sense that the person learns truth, order, right- eousness, harmony or the principles of Maat.

The published volumes of Dr. Baseness may obtain riches, yet crime never lands its wares on the shore. If a group of people only study their own achievements then they will engage in a kind of repetitive self-murder that makes them perpetuate the same errors without correction.

Authors Africa World Press, Inc. Every culture that exercises the right to educate their children teaches a concept of appropriate identity along with the necessary skills for handling the environment. In that we are living in the information age. In a social order where race, class, even gender are represented as the basis for fundamental differences in people as is certainly the case in American society both young and older learners must leam the message of their particular legacy in order to draw from the inspiration of that legacy.

Perhaps, even moreso, there is a fear that the structuring of an educational system for African-Americans that is rooted in their identity may violate the identity-based education for European-Americans.


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Consciousness literally translated to mean with knowledge or knowing with others is the internal manifestation of knowledge. The akbra that is being proposed in this book is that true education must be reconnected with nature as it was done in the ancient Nile Valley.

Our cell is unique and special and it will deter- mine how we interact with the larger world, but our self is more than just a cell. Buy in bulk and save. One nami the greatest challenges of correcting the miseducational process is to provide adequate information so that one is able to learn the characteristics and content of ones tribal self.

Know Thyself

The skills and ideas that they develop have lim- ited or no utility for themselves. These moral instructions were intended to educe the spiritual core or soul of the African self.

We have in this acknowledgement invited God into our studies. America, Israel, France, etc. Transformation can occur for the entire human race by the one-time discovery of a bit of know ledge that makes everyone different from that point for- ward.

The development of such skills is the beginning of the educational process to the extent that they enhance our survival and are consistent with our human nature.

As one develops a curriculum in the study of the African self, there is a natural requirement to study God. An illustration of the Kemetic goddess, Maat.