1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Page 1. 14 r. 1. 11 r. 12 13 r. Boombox. Page 2. 1. 3. 1. 1. 3 r. Buoy x8 x8. 1. 4 r. 4. 1. 3 r. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Snack Shack page Water Skier page Trident page Treasure. Chest page Stingray page Shovel page Whale page Surfer. Instructions. Visit this section if you are looking for building instructions from a specific K’NEX building set. Learn More. Categories. Products ยท Fun & Games.

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How many K’NEX parts are there? You can find this 5 digit code in the instructions manual you received along with your building set, or on the front panel of your insttuction in one of the corners or in the middle of the UPC bar code for example: Forces, Energy and Motion supports 12 – 16 students.

How did K’NEX begin? Some K’NEX Education Sets support existing curriculum while others are so comprehensive they can completely supplant existing units in the curriculum.

You may need to spend some time reviewing the guides first to determine which topics fit into your curriculum. I remember being at a science fair where they had electric powered knex and you could make things like windmills and cars etc. Some are quite easy and others are really big and complex.

Should the time come that you were ready to give your K’NEX product kne and we can’t imagine why you’d ever want to do thatK’NEX products can be recycled. How do K’NEX designers build the big display models? How can I turn parts management into a lesson for my students? I spent so much of my childhood playing with it. Turn the potential problem of material management into a great lesson for your students by selecting a few to be your inventory control team.

Contact us at by telephone at option 4 or email at email knex. Can K’NEX pieces be recycled? See a doctor immediately if there is any indication the child is having trouble breathing! inex


Instruction books

This manual provides the lesson objectives, background information for the specified topics, student activities with reproducible worksheets, methods for assessment and lesson extensions. K’NEX parts are made to last a lifetime of normal use.

Other sets have curriculum that presents the concepts and activities directly to the students in the form of Activity Cards. Beyond the lessons that are included in the various sets, there are extensive opportunities for the teacher to design creative activities that motivate and challenge students in many settings.

You are welcome to share pictures of your builds or models with other K’NEX fans on our Facebook page. If a set supports students, you may use it as a modular activity or science center or purchase more than one for use with the whole class. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The students work independently, in teams, through the activities on the cards, using the Reference Cards for support. Visit our Model Instructions page and enter the model number for your set in the manuzls field. Explain the importance of materials management, inventory control and the need for accuracy in counting.

They also listen to feedback from our fans and draw inspiration from what’s popular at the moment. You will most likely not present everything included in the set to the students.

If you are missing a part from your new K’NEX set, first compare the parts you have to the list of parts in the instruction book. Are K’NEX parts guaranteed? Enter this number in the field to bring up the instruction options available for your set. For a comprehensive list of guides that are sold separately please see Innstruction 9. All businesses must keep close track of their inventory and manuxls to ensure that they have the materials they need to make their products, fill orders for their customers and deter theft.

You can adapt lessons to best fit your classroom environment and accommodate students of different ages and ability levels. The designs on Instructables vary from very simple to very complex. Examples of this are: To help you tell the two sizes apart, the micro and standard shapes are always different colors.


All K’NEX pieces are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals. The support structure, or K’NEX cubes, prevents the kenx models from twisting or crumbling as they get bigger. What if a K’NEX piece is accidentally swallowed by a child?

They provide feedback to the teacher for assessment in the form of written assignments such as journals and oral presentations. Make sure to have the model number from the set available when you call or email.

K’NEX bricks work with other leading brick construction toy systems to expand your building possibilities. Assign 3 to 4 students to each group for activities. We invite you to watch our factory tour video for a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing and design process.

Be creative and devise a storage method that works best for you. Click on the following link and then explore the options. K’NEX Education Sets provide materials that support a variety of instructional models in the classroom. Examples- Simple Machines Deluxe supports 20 students. These sets also contain multiple K’NEX parts and instructions so that groups of students can build models and study these concepts simultaneously.

For example with the Simple Machines Deluxe Set, if you are teaching 1st-class levers, your students can build a balance, see-saw, catapult, handcart, rowboat, and scissors; all of which function in the same manner as the real-life objects they replicate. Check out the Model Instructions page to find instructions for your set or to see additional builds that may be available. Determine which part s is missing and contact us at email knex.

If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Enter your K’NEX Building Set Code or Set Name

K’NEX Education lessons and building exercises vary in length. How do I download additional building ideas or instructions? For example, if you see a 2 next to a blue rod, you should have 2 blue rods in your set.