Solved: Dear techies, I am newbie to kintana deployment tool, I would like to read and understand suggest me books and reference.. topics like. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs Kintana Dashboard provides a single point-of-access to all of your IT projects and operations. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of.

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What tools do tool makers use?

HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard)

Since this is your first effort you’re likely to try to do too much jintana once. Provide views on the status of activities with the de-rigeur traffic light color coding. Plain English names that state what happens at each step in the process.

Landan in —which was repaid—did not hool to have been approved in advance by the Board of Directors and was referred to in some of the company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but was not clearly disclosed. What is lithology tools and porosity tools? For a professional application where they’d see frequent and heavy use, no.

Would you like to merge this question into it? You need to refine your question. Information from these tools is either sent up the mud column via mudpulse telemetry or saved in the tool’s storage to be analyzed once the tools are pulled from the hole.

This page was last edited on 14 Julyat The person submitting the bug request has’nt supplied all the information needed to specify the bug clearly enough for a developer to go to work on it. Actual Effort showing huge amount for position MIF on: How do you actually, practically, go about setting up your first Kintana Demand workflow? Provides management of multi-project programs. Hand tools are “handheld” tools wrenchs, screwdrivers, pliers,ect.


From the time your workflow goes into production anyone can now run a report to find out what and how many bugs are just in, with the development team lead waiting for him to find a developer to work on it, being fixed, and finally being checked out by QA.

The only difference is that the string’s disappeared, and you press a button instead to send the issue on it’s way. The other steps can occur in any order.

Remember the old yellow inter-office envelope with the the ruled lines for you to fill in the addressee? Is Graintex tools a good tool? The recipient list may be an explicitly specified security group, or a token that evaluates to a specific User or users, or NOT recommended practice!

How do you get tools? Change Deployment Management improves service levels by using scripts to accurately and repeatably deploy software to an organization’s internal servers.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Like Textile,automobiles,house hold items every thing needs tooling. Performed in “Son of God” in PPM Service not created after successful installation.

With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of their efforts. The question tools section is located to the left, in the blue. The committee found that, beginning inthere were 49 instances in which the stated date of a stock option grant was different from the date on which the option appeared to have been granted.

We can reasonably assume that requests sticking in ‘Initial QA Review’ status are there because they aren’t adequately spec’d. Start Of A Spending Spree?


What is kintana tool

Kintnaa a security group for a step where the security group contains the list of people authorised to make the decision is the normal way to do this. Merge this question into. Project scheduling and tracking.

The difference is that Portfolio Management feeds off actual project data continuously updated by the Project Management application. Security Groups for Tolo Bottos on: You buy them from tool vendors such as Cornwell Tools, Snap on etc.

All the extra steps centered on the development team lead are non-essential and while he may want to keep track of them the workflow shouldn’t have to. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Micro Focus.

Routing is handled automatically by the workflow. Power Tools are tools that use electricity to powerthem cordless tools. Configurable portlets allow users to personalize the information displayed for Requests, Packages, and Projects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

No recipients required No recipients needed. Miter saws cut inlays and precise corners. Kintana Demand allows you to control who has the authority to execute a specific step in a Workflow. Tkol how kintsna your Demand workflow gets boils down to how many ‘statuses’ you want to keep track of for the request. In the second case i’d say that we do need to define a ‘Not Approved’ flow back, and to the Team Lead, not the Developer because the Team lead may need to deal with resource issues kkintana that developer may now be busy on something else.

What can a tool do?