Like a number of the great Persian romantic narratives, the love story of the Sāsānian king Khusraw II (r. AD) and Shīrīn, the Christian princess from . Read and learn for free about the following article: Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing. Khosrow discovers Shirin bathing in a pool, Safavid Dynasty, 16th Century. Well look, he didn’t say “Suppose she’s kiddin’”. And he didn’t say.

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The Caesar agrees to assist him against Bahram Chobin on condition that he marry his daughter Mariam.

Having regained the throne, Khusraw becomes enamoured of Shakar. A romance set in Persia c. At the touch of her heel, Shabdiz carried her off into the shadows of the late afternoon Chelkowski, He, on the other hand, travels on to Armenia, believing Shirin is there, doubtlessly wondering about the identity of the bathing beauty who has so recently filled him with desire.

Nizami constantly alludes to the Shahnameh in his writing, especially in the prologue to the Iskandarnameh. Khusraw is free now to resume the match with Shirin, but impulsively he marries another woman, a Persian beauty named Shekar.

Nezami’s version begins with an account of Khosrow’s birth and his education. Beautiful was the whiteness of her skin against the blueness of the water. This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Without news of Khusraw, she grows depressed and longs for the fresh green landscape of her homeland.

This episode of the story follows the death of a Byzantine princess, who Khusraw has married as a condition of her father’s military assistance in Khusraw’s battle to regain his right to be king of Persia.

Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing.

Die von Guidi herausgegebene syrische ChronikWienp. This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Khusraw travels to Armenia to find the beautiful and accomplished woman who has captured his soul. Nizami had a paramount influence on the romantic tradition, and Gorgani can be said to have initiated much of the distinctive rhetoric and poetic atmosphere of this tradition, with the absence of the Sufi influences, which are seen in Nizami’s epic poetry.

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While most of what remains of Sasanian architecture is fairly modest, the people showed a love for fine crafts and elaborate decoration, producing especially high-quality metalware and textiles.

Khusraw and his companion appear unaware of the princess and her attendant.

Shirin and Khusraw

It is quite likely that Nizami belonged khosrwo one or another of these groups. Above the three-story arch is a relief carving of three figures: Oxford University Press, The tale also affected the works produced in related arts. Nizami lived in a time of transition in Persia, during the decline of the Seljuqs, before the invasion of the Mongols.

This site uses cookies to support some content and functions, and also Google Analytics. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: In all of legendary history, there cannot be many lovers who have traveled so far and long in search of each other as Khusraw and Shirin. Book 6, Chapter XXI Seljuq rule over Persia lasted almost exactly a century, from — C.

This idea led to the notion that the carving itself represented the sculptor of the monument. The unroyal amongst us are more likely to slip into anonymity or fiction, khosorw all. Cleverly she urges him to uphold her reputation by establishing his own, by restoring his kingdom.

Shirin and Khusraw – World Digital Library

Her aunt, the beloved queen dies, and Shirin takes the throne of Armenia. After conquering Jerusalem inamidst the Byzantine—Sasanian War of —the Persians captured the True Cross of Jesus and brought it to their capital Ctesiphonwhere Shirin took the cross in her palace. From the days of Khusraw II to those of Nizami, however, stories circulated about the monuments, especially about Taq-i Bustan.


Yet, Khosrow sends a messenger to Farhad and gives him false news of Shirin’s death. Horses were in fact important in northern Sasan ian territory, where Azerbaijan in particular has well-watered grasslands.

Meanwhile, Shirin has arrived at the Persian capital and is equally miserable. He created a bridge between Islamic Iran and pre-Islamic Iran and also between Iran anx the whole ancient world.

The workers comply, but, jealous of her privileges, build the palace in a hot, unhealthy place, not far from the capital. Copyright considerations preclude me from including an image of the plate in this text, but follow this linkand you can see it. World Literature and Its Times: Shah ‘Abbas — the image of a ruler.

Nizami’s concern with astrology also has a precedent in the elaborate astrological description of the night sky in Vis and Ramin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When the time has come to dispose of Farhad, Khosrow sends a messenger to tell him that Shirin has died from a fever and so Farhad kills himself. On the way, he finds Shirin unclothed bathing and washing her flowing hair; Shirin also sees him; but since Khosrow was traveling in peasant clothes, they do not recognize one another.

Chelkowski, Mirror of the Invisible World: Nizami wrote the most renowned account of the romance of Khusraw and Shirin, apparently to honor his beloved wife Afaq as well as his pre-Islamic heritage. She particularly reproaches Khosrow for his intimacy with Shekar. Nizami, who knew and greatly admired the Book oj Kingsdid not want to duplicate it.