The Blood Slaughterer, also known as the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne, is a large, gore-splattered Daemon Engine made of brass and black iron that is. Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model? My box didn’t come with any, and I REALLY don’t want to. Jul 16, as the title suggests, are blood slaughterers any good in regular games of Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have.

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These guys are grouse! Considering we need to use all teh units we can though, its a big ask. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. And if it is open topped they likely took 2D6 In the shooting phase too!

However, with the advent of the Codex: Traveling swiftly on iron-bound wheels, it carried twin-linked Heavy Boltersa Chainaxe and a Lash of Khorne. Daemon Engines of Khorne: They only got more powerful throughout the editions and not even 8th Ed’s reset button could dampen their damage output. Never seen them in action or heard of anyone using them. Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have more sucess with Maulerfiends instead.

Those alone are scary but they were vulnerable to both shooting and kiting by faster units; however, Forgeworld gave them the option to take Impalers at the expense of one of their CC attacks and close combat weapons.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Get this guy into your enemy lines and watch him wreck up the place! I believe they’re due for an update late this year, along with everything FW has for 40k chaos.

I did an in depth analysis of Soul Granders in part 3 of this series, remember when using them in this formation that they can deep strike and benefit from every rule in this formation. That said, I really don’t expect them to change much, if at all, from their current, late 6e incarnation in IA: Sure the Soul Grinder can take a mini battle cannon that almost alway misses but this guy can put out 8 strength 8 shots making him formidable at taking out fliers or light vehicles, alternatively for an extra 25pts you can upgrade him to put out 3 S8 Ap2 blasts considering how much high strength Ap2 combat you have I would recommend the Hades Autocannon.


Personally as a balls to the walls Khornate Combat lunatic my favourite loadout is the standard with 2 siege claws with inbuilt Heavy Flamers.

Chaos Daemons – Fallen Angels. Today is all about the Hellforged Hunting Pack Formation! Or you take 5 seconds and google it! Incomplete information leads to flawed strategy. Views Read Edit View history.

The impaler isn’t as spectacular as it used to be – its basically a S8 blade attack at a 12″ range that allows it to charge an extra 2 inches if you wound a vehicle or monster, which is still decent.

Blood Slaughterer – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

It was protected by a daemonic aura, making it harder to kill than usual. This means, in true Daemonkin style, the more your units die, the stronger they become! Sign In Create Account. During the conflict the Blood Slaughterer was unleashed on the battlefield as an extremely effective shock assault unit. In this nightmarish conflict, the most ancient and feared dread enemy of Mankindthe Daemon Primarch Angronled his forces in an attack on the vital Hive World of Armageddon.

With the blind fury rule there outshone by other options like maulerfiends or even bikers for generalist uses BUT they can still be used if you block LoS to enemy units you dont want to charge.

Blood Slaughterer

Well FW might be weee bit harder due to the issue that many of those models without instructions happens to be china recasts. If it has coffee stains and is printed on recycled chinese toilet paper, then it is definitely the official instructions. While the idea of S10 Ap1 large blast sounds exciting I much prefer the other options.


I haven’t bought one yet. I bought it direct from Forgeworldi’ll contact them about it. They turned out good so I’m knorne.

Khorne Blood slaughterer and Breacher Berzerkers – Forum – DakkaDakka

This page was last modified on 23 Augustat In this installment of Tactica Khorne Daemonkin I will be discussing the one of the Formations available to the Slauthterer Daemonkin and ways in which I feel it can be used to its utmost potential!

Started by Lord KallozarJul 16 These are extremely versatile units that have a variety of loadouts. The Slaughterer was one of Khorne’s daemonic machine creatures of iron and brass.

How would a khorne mauler fiend set up look like? Finally, like all vehicles and monsters, the Blood Slaughterer has degenerating stats, whereby its S, M and A all decrease if it’s taken a certain amount of wounds; at worst, it can move 6″, has S6 and 4 attacks If you are really lucky someone there might find the time to insult your mother and tell you to get bent.

And they don’t cost an arm and a leg. They’re tough, fast, and dish out loads of punishment; Forgeworld only made them better at it while giving them a better model, TBH. Alternatively if you charge a Maulerfiend in to support your scorpion you reduce the Knight to a single attack! Thats a pretty easy 10 attacks all at S8 Ap2 with Shred.

They ripped through anything, flesh or steel that opposed them, savage and berserk, drowning the streets of Armageddon’s hive cities in a red tide of butchery and death. For that exchange, it received a beefy new stat line: Now here is a unit that most certainly IS invited, these guys are extremely fast and when equipped with lasher tendrils are also damn near un killable in combat! Sorry crab man but you are not invited.