The tent-like structure with its three-layer envelope will provide shelter to Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan – the world’s tallest. Khan Shatyr (“Royal Marquee”) is a transparent tent located in Astana Built in a neofuturist style Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center. Khan Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, the highest tensile structure in the world. Wikimedia | ©. the ‘khan shatyr entertainment centre’, the world’s tallest tensile structure, celebrated its grand opening in astana, kazakhstan earlier this week.

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In what is a first for entering a tent, people enter though an earthen berm, essentially coming in underground. Building the world’s largest tent by Thomas Lane 16 July Underneath the tent of Khan Shatyr entertainment centre in Kazakhstan, is an area larger than ten football stadiums.

Grand opening of Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan the world’s tallest tensile structure

Another wheeze was running heating wires through the concrete so it could cure in the freezing conditions. The mast needs to be able to support cables that can move independently of it in response to changing loads imposed by wind and snow. The other leg was also hinged but attached to the top of the tripod rather than the bottom.

Over 1 million square feet under roof and sjatyr feet tall, Khan Shatyr “Royal Marquee” in English will not sip fossil fuels. Given the scale of the project, it’s clear that sustainability was not an issue. This was one of the reasons why the team decided sstructure restrict the height of the ETFE-clad part of the building. Obviously the building needs to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.


The bottom of the third leg was supported on wheels running along a specially built railway line – the idea being that as the tripod was pulled upright, the base of the third leg would move along the railway to its final anchoring point. Inside, low-level jets direct cool air across the space, while opening vents at the apex induce stack-effect ventilation. In early July, Kazakstan’s President Nursultan Strjcture presided over the opening of the latest addition to Xtructure growing list of monumental structures.

And their heroic attempts to heave that 90m mast upright are enough to make fair-weather campers weep. The connection to the ground makes the overall form read more as an oddly distorted cone than a tent.

The connection to the ground makes the overall form read more as an oddly xhatyr cone than a tent. When they were correctly tensioned, the ETFE cladding was installed.

For example the landscaped areas are maintained at 15C in strutcure winter and allowed to rise to 30C in the summer. For example, in the winter the surface of the ETFE cladding is very cold.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center | Foster + Partners

This tent, you are told, isn’t going anywhere. Built in a neofuturist style, the architectural project was unveiled by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on December 9, The UK firms did concept design with detail taken on by local firms.


We believe this project will take us to another level. There was also a risk of condensation caused by water evaporating from the high level sea-cum-swimming-pools at the top of the building when it met the cold surface. Following article is from Building.

The tripod had been built so two of the three legs were attached to the final anchoring points. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Ahatyr, the highest tensile structure in the world.

Solaripedia | Green Architecture & Building | Projects in Green Architecture & Building

The Khan Shatyr Centre in kazakhstan is much like a conventional shopping center, even though it is the largest tensile structure in the world as of This is done fairly conventionally by pulling air from outside, heating or cooling it and directing the conditioned air into the lower inhabited spaces, and out again at low structre. Never has a tent looked so stiff and lifeless. It gained a foothold in Kazakhstan by building a bedroom five-star hotel in just nine months. In summer, fritting on the outermost foil layer provides solar shading.

Another wheeze was running heating wires through the concrete so it could cure in the freezing conditions.

Please enter a valid email. There is no disputing that the complex is big. Khan Shatyr does not supply the same sturcture of expressive tension.

The more difficult task was to pre-stress them to minimise deflection under loading, struucture to work out the degree of pre-stressing: The building encloses an area in excess ofsquare meters, with dramatic views over the city and the Steppes beyond. There it could be pinned, locking the whole tripod into its final position.