Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. (d. ca. ). First wife of Muhammad, and his only wife until her death. Mother of Fatimah and other sons and daughters of. A very common name for girls among Muslims is Khadijah. Many choose this name to commemorate the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of Muhammad and the first person to accept Islam. She is revered amongst Muslims as a “mother of.

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You see, those trade caravans were the only links contemporary Arabs had with their outside world: The slain emperor left two daughters who, during their attempt to escape, following the murder of their father, were caught and sold as slaves. It was Abu Talib, Muhammad’s uncle, who delivered the marriage sermon saying.

The first view is held by Sayyid Safdar Husayn in his book The Early History of Islam in which he bases his conclusion on the contents of al-Sayyuti’s famous work Tarikh al-Khulafa wal Muluk history of the caliphs and kings; do not confuse it with Tabari’s Khuwaylis both books bear the same title, and this is not uncommon at all.

Who has taught the writing by the pen. This scholar reportedly had translated the Bin from Hebrew into Arabic. He added that if what he had been told were true then surely it meant that her husband was the Prophet of Allah peace and blessings be upon him whose advent had been mentioned in the scriptures. khadkjah

When he had calmed down to some extent, he told his wife that he feared for his life, and narrated the whole incident to her. Prophet Sulayman Solomon married a widow, too, and so khadijjah many other prophets and messengers of Allah.

This article is about the wife of Muhammad. Khadijah sent Muhammad word through Khazimah ibn Hakim, one of her relatives, offering him twice as much commission as she usually offered her agents to trade on her behalf.


She simply hated the thought of being widowed for a third time. These daughters, chronologically arranged, are: One of the ladies of the Quraysh, Khawlah bint Hakim, visited the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him to console him, and saw his state of depression and grief and remarked khjwaylid it.

After this meeting with Waraqah she became stronger in her desire to marry Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. His skin was white but tanned by the sun. He gladly accepted the offer and started working for her. Let me just feel your back.

After accepting Islam she became more contemplative and inclined towards worship; she found a blessed feeling of peace in prayer. The daughter of a wealthy merchant and later a successful businesswoman in her own right, she and Muhammad shared a monogamous relationship until her death in or accounts differ. Khadijah and the Prophet had 6 children together: And it is through her that Allah blessed me with children. The Women of Madina p. Among those idols was one for Abraham and another for Ishmael, each carrying divine arrows in his hands.

Some historians do not mention this trip at all. His hair and beard were thick and black, not altogether straight but slightly curled. State University of New York Press.

Khadijah, Daughter of Khuwaylid, Wife of Prophet Muhammad

Although the society in which Khadijah was born was an extremely male chauvinistic one, Khadijah earned two titles: It has been related by Aisha that on his way back to Mecca, Jibril appeared to the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and said, “Allah, may He be exalted and glorified, has heard what the people have said to you and how they have responded to your invitation, and he has sent the angel in charge of the mountains so that you can tell him what you want him to with them.

Please share your comments below. Khadijah as both overjoyed and awed to find that her understanding of what had happened on the mountain had been confirmed. This is also known in Islamic history as the Shi’ab Abi Talib.


Khadijah bint Khuwaylid – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Before her, Qasim and Abdullah were born, but they both died at infancy. This displeased him, but forbearing as he was, he just sighed and answered. Regardless of having khuwwylid twice, and twice losing her husband to the ravaging wars with which Arabia was afflicted, she had no mind to marry a third time though she was sought for marriage by many honorable khusaylid highly respected men of the Arabian peninsula throughout which she was quite famous due to her business dealings.

Khadijah was born in Makkah in the year CE. He ran from the Cave of Hira and went straight to Khadijah and asked her to cover him. Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism. Both men belonged to Banu Makhzum.

All biography accounts describe Hind as an outspoken orator, a man of righteousness and generosity, and one who took extreme caution while quoting Muhammad. Khadijah did not hesitate to embrace Islam at all, knowing that her husband could not have put forth any false claim. In the Name of your Lord Who has created all that exists. He hardly started before being joined by a young boy who stood on his right side, then by a woman who stood khkwaylid them.

She was blessed with the distinction of having been greeted with Salam greetings by Allah and the Angel Jibril.

His Life Based on the Earliest Sources. Waraqah assured him that it was typical of human beings that they would never appreciate or follow a Prophet who rose among them.

This is not probable considering Khadijah’s advanced age at the time she married Muhammad. Nint grave was prepared at a place called Hujjun, near Makkah.