Khachaturian, Aram. Flute Concerto (Violin Concerto transcribed by Jean-Pierre Rampal). (, transcr. ). transcribed for flute and orchestra. Duration: 35′. Khachaturian, Aram: Flute Concerto (Violin Concerto transcribed by Jean-Pierre Rampal) (, transcr. ) 35′. transcribed for flute and orchestra. Khachaturian composed concertos for piano, for violin and for cello, but none for the flute; the work performed in the present concerts is a transcription of his.

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Zinman is an understanding conductor, and if the orchestra’s sound is not quite right for these concertos, at least it’s never run of the mill.

Ibert; Khachaturian Flute Concertos Some dazzling playing by a top-flight flautist makes this an ear-tickling disc View record khachaturiah artist details Record and Artist Details.

Rampal completed his transcription in Octoberjust in time for the Toledo premiere early the following month, and the composer subsequently expressed his wholehearted approval. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rampal left the orchestral material virtually untouched, but in addition to transcribing the solo part for the flute he composed a new and of course idiomatic cadenza for the first movement.

The long, slow middle section in the finale, too, has a slinky quality, as in a valse grise. All the works by which Khachaturian remains best-known the world over were produced within a fairly brief period before the composer turned Pahud also plays it a little coolly compared to famous predecessors — it’s more redolent of ancient Greece than of the French countryside.

In its original version, this concerto sometimes seems a little coarse and obvious, but in Pahud’s hands, that accusation can’t be made. Khachaturian composed concertos for piano, for violin and for cello, but none for the flute; the work performed in the present concerts is a transcription of his Violin Concerto composed inby cconcerto celebrated flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal born January 7,Marseilles; died May 20,Pariswho introduced this version in the Toledo Philharmonic Orchestra under Serge Fournier on November 3 and 4, The form is a free-flowing rondo, with an unexpectedly impassioned middle section breaking the deep calm and returning even more forcefully before the movement ends.


Classical Net Review – Ibert/Khachaturian – Flute Concertos

Please help out by adding categories to it so that it can be listed with similar articles. One way of interpreting it is for the flute to mimic the violin; Rampal, to a certain degree, did that when he played and recorded this work. Skip to main content. This is an khachatuian to the generalized playing one hears from most of today’s orchestras, most of the time.

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Flute Concerto

Refinement replaces folkish freedom. Aram Khachaturian ‘s violin concerto is a violin concerto khachatuian three movements composed in Views Read Edit View history. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Rampal had asked Khachaturian for an original work, and after decades of nothing to show for his request, Rampal finally took matters into his own hands. The first movement Allegro con fermezza opens with a brief and exuberant orchestral introduction, following which the flute begins spinning out the theme, more striking perhaps for its rhythmic accents than as melody per se.

Emmanuel Pahud’s performances of the Rampal version in this week’s concerts are the NSO’s first of either version for the flute since then. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ibert; Khachaturian Flute Concertos

Having said that, one has to praise Pahud for giving us an alternative, not an echo. Rampal’s version of the Khachaturian Concerto, with the composer’s imprimatur, has by now established itself in the repertory of grateful flutists everywhere.


Jean-Pierre Rampal, in common with countless listeners everywhere, immensely enjoyed Aram Khachaturian’s colorful music for the ballet Gayaneh and his two big concertos–one for piano, one for violin–which, like the ballet music, became enormously popular in the years following World Clute II.

Flute Concerto Jacques Ibert: Retrieved from ” https: The brilliant and dancelike the final movement Allegro vivace sums up in the most genial manner. Aram Il’yich Khachaturian Composer.

James Galway has not only made his own transcription of the Khachaturian Violin Concerto, but has similarly transcribed Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto. The first one cocnerto brief and is performed on the flute essentially as Khachaturian composed it for the violin; the second begins with a little dialogue between flute and clarinet, and from that point on it is original material by Rampal, as idiomatic to the flute as the composer’s own cadenza is to the violin.

Someone even has given his hair blue highlights. When the majority of flute concertos are lightweight, it is not surprising that leading flautists are keen to expand the repertory, adapting more ambitious works.

In time, this might be known as Pahud’s “Blue Album.

The development, an especially dramatic section, begins and ends with cadenzas. Concerto for Flute and Orchestra.