Sheet Music – £ – Orchestral Parts. Arranged by David Stone. Aram Khachaturian: Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia. Born in Tblisi, Georgia in , Aram Khachaturian’s music is still performed regularly in. Aram Khachaturian. Publisher: G. Schirmer. Adagio from “Spartacus”. Work Notes . Available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Publisher. Khachaturian titles.

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The brass build tension with the use of dynamics and their distinct timbres, making this section a transition into the biggest climax of the piece. Spartacus in fiction and media.

The lower strings begin to enter slowly to support the melodies above, and the cellos play small countermelodies every eight bars. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The harp is also playing here, and the delicate plucking of the strings to accentuate the scalic movement is effective and adds to the intense atmosphere. Spartacus unknowingly kills his friend in the arena. Thanks for the summary and analysis.

There is an awash of sound from the upper strings, with the upper winds embellishing the melody once more. The Gladiator Spartacus ballet. The trumpets have a different line to the rest of the orchestra, with them playing the same offbeat quaver movement that is heard at the start of the piece. This next melodic section is slightly different in mood, however you can hear how it is being developed from the main love theme.

The atmosphere begins to intensify as the strings ascend into their upper registers for the first time. The moody horn line compliments the staccato trumpet fanfare, which perhaps represents the links to war and the army within the ballet.


This explodes into a celebration of the love theme, which is now accentuated by a full orchestra. Within the opera it appears in the second act, when the slave women are set free, and Spartacus and Phrygia celebrate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The violins repeat the love theme, but this time an octave down.

Aegina insists that Crassus pursue the slave army immediately. This offers a very different texture to what we have just heard, and it becomes rather poignant how Khachaturian uses the love theme in different khacaturian.

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This falls back into a woodwind transition, which takes us into the final section of the work. As the intensity of the melody slartacus, so do the dynamics. Aegina sends word to Crassus, who sends his army in pursuit. The ballet follows the trials and tribulations faced by Spartacus as the leader of the slave uprising against the Romans.

Aram Khachaturian – Adagio from Spartacus Full Set

This adagio may be the most romantic piece of music ever written. The clarinet and oboe are utilised in this section, with both playing pivotal solos.

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The oboe lyrically plays the love theme, with the accompaniment of the upper strings, who play the same offbeat quaver movement from the introduction. List of compositions by Aram Khachaturian Category: After deciding that a career as a composer Read more….

Among his captives are the Thracian king Spartacus and his wife Phrygia. The Best of Brass Alexander Arutunian: The strings begin to tremolo and then build up the scale until they hit their highest registers. Opening with a delicate syncopated rhythm from the upper strings, the flute embellishes the developing theme with a sequence of trills. Your email address will not be published.

A solo violin then takes the melody, with the accompaniment of two clarinets.


Aram Khachaturian

Compositions by Aram Khachaturian. There is a distinct feeling of call and response between the upper strings and each of the upper woodwinds. The cellos are notated in their upper register in this section, which creates an interesting timbre when mixed with the violas and lower winds in particular.

The upper strings lead into a brass fanfare, and this marks a significant change in the music, as up until this point the brass have not played a single note. This induces Spartacus and his men to rebel. The Roman consul Crassus returns to Rome from his latest conquests in a triumphal procession. When Tower was nine, her family moved to Bolivia, which she describes as an integral part of Read more…. The escaped captives celebrate their freedom.

The Music Opening with a delicate syncopated rhythm from the upper strings, the flute embellishes the developing theme with a sequence of trills. Gayane —41 ” Sabre Dance ” Spartacus — Crassus Spartacus Phrygia Aegina.

The khachqturian moves around slowly in different forms, which acts as a transition into the next section of the work. This feeling of staticism and the rest of form orchestra stopping is like taking a very large musical breath, which in this case is rather effective. The work follows the exploits of Spartacusthe leader of the slave uprising against the Romans known as the Third Servile Waralthough the ballet’s storyline takes considerable liberties with the historical record.