UPDATE (11 Aug. ): The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is now available IN PDF and IN PRINT WITH FREE PDF. The first copies of the. I loved the Savage Worlds edition, but the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club really grabbed gamers’ imaginations. The Fate crowd was already. The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is a game of superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London, written by Benjamin Baugh, adapted for the FATE system by.

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Having a Power Tier in a task means far greater impact on the course of the story. Posted October 13, at Losing powers, or trading for lower-refresh cost, is obviously not a problem. Potentially a very interesting one! Kerberos Club members, themselves strange, kerbwros more openly.

In the series – and in most approaches I can envision to the game – gaining or losing powers is a big deal.

Tabletop Review: The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition | Diehard GameFAN

For this outing, the authors opted to include a full set of rpg rules, adapting kerbdros FATE system. Queen Victoria herself shows signs of mystical powers, becoming an embodiment of the British Empire itself. If you want you can then let the change happen mid-play according to the events of the game, with the refresh and mechanics being adjusted at the next milestone to match.

There are only a few missteps; the rewrite of the Charge of the Light Brigade feels a little too much.

Tabletop Review: The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition

Scenes can have aspects as well- so if the group enters a darkened warehouse expecting an ambush, they may have to deal with the aspects Shadowy Corners, Teetering Shelving, and Stacks of Crates.


Complementing the basic action rules of Chapter Five, this material covers resolving combat and other conflicts, managing complex skills, using maneuvers, creating adversaries and so on. Experienced players or those who enjoy crafting new approaches will likely get the most out of this. One might almost call it Strange. Posted July 31, at 5: We’ll add those new goals as we go. Misfits is about a bunch of young offenders who get super powers.

Important for Kerberan characters, it covers matters of crime and law as well. New players may find it overwhelming- but they can simply fall back to the common skill list.

For example, a power “dealer” that can take powers from people but not use them and then give them to others. All of these offer plenty of hooks and plots for a GM wanting to build a campaign.

It begins its superheroism a hundred years before the traditional dawn of comic book superheroes. Everything in Fate—characters, NPCs, equipment, environments, situations, even the campaign itself—has one or cpub Aspects. Here the characters can interact and exist outside of the staid and prejudiced attitudes of Victorian society. The Club serves as the cornerstone for the campaign. Kerberos Club avoids the pitfalls of gaming alternate history- clu every key event through the lens of weirdness, changing every significant person into a supernatural or empowered character.

The book offers a fully fleshed out Victorian setting with superheroes. The chapter opens with kerbdros discussion of life in London- from the low to the high. Characters that can take skills and use them themselves are easy enough to model using Variable trappings, but I’m not sure how to handle removing skills or gaining new ones, especially since they’d cost refresh.

It will probaby be about four pages long, including kebreros illustration or map or two. Generally it is great fun to read. Post as a guest Name.


No Comments Mar 14, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The player may decline, but at a cost of a point of their own.

In some ways, it reminds me of the best kinds of campaign ideas from cyberpunk. The first part contains some specific characters such as The Elephantine Man and others more generic such as the Pre-Human Horror and Gentleman Adversary. It earned raves from critics and gamers and was nominated for an Ennie Award for Best Setting of Find Arc Dream at GenCon Players unfamiliar with Fate face a steeper learning curve.

No Comments Sep 4, fat I don’t think I’ve seen that technique referenced before, and wasn’t really aware you could do it. Players will want to print a copy of that out. Fate uses a unique set of dice- Fudge dice- which have six sides: The forty-page chapter nicely presents a sense of that change, what it means for the world and what it means for members of the Club. The book provides many ideas- including how challenges can be used later in a campaign, if the PCs want to recruit new members.

The Kerberos Club itself sits close to the heart of the city, kerberis many campaigns will find that territory more than enough to play in.