Soliloquy [Kenneth Goldsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soliloquy is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent). Soliloquy” is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent), spoken by New York artist Kenneth Goldsmith during one week. The work originated as a. But Goldsmith is also funny. Soliloquy presents seven waking days in the life of Kenny G, a busy downtown New York artist, writer, deejay and Web designer.

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Move the mouse to reveal one sentence of the text at a time. Abaton Books, ; Fidget Toronto: These volumes consist of a transcribed broadcast of a baseball game, of traffic patterns, and of the weather, respectively. As one of the tenets of concrete poetry was the awareness of the physicality of language – ssoliloquy words could be used as “concrete” objects in the construction of poems – so too, in collecting and listing words on the basis of their sonic properties, particularly end-rhyme and syllabic-count, over but not to the elimination of their semantic meaning, Goldsmith privileges the materiality of language.

The performative element is apparent since the artist embraces the role of the writer as process and plagiarism — as content. Yet because Soliloquy never deviates from external speech to inner thoughts, much less to the unconscious, it accomplishes the curious feat of exposing but not excavating the self.

It is also an enormously entertaining piece of writing, inhabited by the crackling, shameless, free-wheeling voice of Kenny Goldsmith, at once the “real” person who is a downtown Manhattan artist, webpage meister, and DJ, and the persona created by the written gopdsmith.

Simone rated it it was amazing Sep 28, No, they’re just shot. The downtown art-and-lit set will enjoy guessing the identity of the author’s silenced interlocutors, whose words are not recorded.


Dec 16, Kenjeth Conmigo rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Kenneth Goldsmith follows the model of “uncreative writing” in his work, which he describes as when “the idea becomes a machine that makes the kehneth.

Alex bee rated it really liked it Dec 31, Apr 15, Bryce Emley rated it really liked it. Kris rated it liked it Nov 26, A Novel – in which the pop artist records and transcribes a friend’s monologue for 24 hours – in that Goldsmith records his every utterance over an entire week. In the fall ofGranary Books published a trade edition of the text. In the former, Goldsmith simply lists, in alphabetical order, his LP and CD collection, drawing attention to the fact jenneth his obsessive collecting tendencies are not restricted to language, as goldamith to as issues of consumerism the book is 92 pages long and the occasional beauty of album titles and of contemporary rock group names.

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I used a Kindle to read the online version, which is definitely not meant to be read in a continuous manner. Which made me think whether there is such thing as natural speech.

Because readers are more likely than gallery-visitors to linger over large chunks of writing, the sequential flow of this personal narrative comes across more forcefully in book format.

Personal contact with Marvin Sacknerand a visit to his collection of Visual Poetry in Florida, consolidated Goldsmith’s knowledge of the international Concrete Poetry movement and the realization of the difficulty of finding visual and sound poetry in libraries or bookstores led to his desire to create the Ubu Web in order to increase awareness, and distribution, of experimental writing.

Soliloquy, Act 6 [excerpt]

Open Preview See a Problem? We’ll just use a regular bag. Now John’s with that John’s with that ridiculous. These works all follow Goldsmith’s model of “uncreative writing. And it’s surprisingly captivating the whole way through.

zingmagazine | issue #4 | reviews | kenneth goldsmith

I haven’t read this volume in its entirety, and I don’t think I will be able to anytime soon, but I did I discovered Soliloquy in my Modern Poetry class at Coursera which, by the way, I highly recommend to anyone interested in contemporary poetry.


In he established iconic UbuWeb, a large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material and has hosted a weekly radio show at independent WFMU from until Tero Hannula rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Jan 15, Mike Hetteix rated it liked it Recommended to Mike by: Sure sure, is another one there?

If it is true, as Brion Gysin once remarked, that innovations in writing lag 50 years behind those of visual art, Goldsmith has steadfastly worked to bring the form up to date with the accomplishments of conceptual and performance art. I mean, I don’t really care that they’re out I just I can’t get to my stuff. Herb rated it really liked it Nov 25, But unlike his earlier work, Soliloquy leaves the reader with a convinced sense that language, no matter how un-artful, does the heavy lifting in our lives, and has encoded the entire registry of our being.

Grant Carln’t solipoquy it really liked it May 16, For example, Kenneth Goldsmith has produced pages of rhyming phrases ending with the sound r, sorted by syllables and alphabetized No. His most recent work, No.


That one can be considered as his manifesto since there he proclaimed that any language can be poetry. I haven’t seen it. Return to Book Page.

I don’t mind, you know, it’s just an industrial noise right now it’s just it used to sort of scream and whine and, you know, no, it’s a lot better.