In her critically acclaimed second novel, Salt and Saffron (), Kamila Shamsie followed an idealistic young Pakistani woman as she discovered that class. The trauma of war is typically gauged by loss of lives and property, not broken hearts, but the microcosm is often as powerful an indicator of loss. Impassioned and touching, KARTOGRAPHY is a love song to Karachi. In her extraordinary new novel, Kamila Shamsie shows us that whatever happens in the .

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A karachiite and yet so little knowledge of this beautiful city which is my identity, living in this circle of ignorance, a pity!! How will Karachi effect the lives of each of the characters? I’m sure somebody who isn’t a Karachiite wouldn’t feel the same way I did when I read this, but to me, it was just a reminder of the insane love I hold for Karachi even when I hate it in my most superficial moments.

As the years pass, some unpleasant truths are revealed and the four friends are forced to face bigger issues in each of their lives.

kartogrphy Most importantly, it so vividly describes why Karachi is such a complicated place. His publications include Where Worlds Collide: Kartography constantly references “” and alludes to a lot of these abuses, so it was great to have some idea of what had happened in that war A must read for karachi lovers away from home.

It was kind of out of nowhere… Kamila did a great job. One thing is for sure, as a native, Kamila Shamsie is in love with her city and manages to invoke in kadtography reader a longing to experience the vibrant life there.

Unexplored Territory Moving On. And she has a way with words… I can see you, out there, reading between the lines. How the roads and places never stopped being a part of every page.

May 14, Zonaira rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, if you are worried that your lack of knowledge of South Asian history would be affecting this novel, you shouldn’t be. When Karim is forced to leave kratography London their differences of opinion become a painful quarrel.


Just kartograpyy moment while shamzie sign you in to your Goodreads account. Perhaps this is because I am from a city but 2 hours away by air, a bitterly estranged sibling, but one that shares Karachi’s turbulent history, frustrating filth, maddening chaos but most of all its inexplicable, heart-wrenching magnetism. Worst of all, the book continues for odd pages after this big climax.


It taught me about the Bangladeshi independence war, which has touched the lives of people I know. Soul mates from birth Karim and Raheen finish one another’s sentences, speak in anagrams and lie spine to spine as children. How can I let one of them bear kartogrxphy children?

Nervous about the safety of their children as the ethnic bg escalates, the parents are planning to send them away for the holidays. Dec 13, Wsm rated it it was ok Shelves: The premise is touted as a love story between “soul-mates” Raheen and Karim, set amidst ethnic and political factions in Karachi. Her prose is lush with symbolism and shamelessly lovely in certain parts.

Kartography by Kamila Shamsie

At times it reminded me why I kind of preferred Lahore, and it captured so well many feelings I had about Karachi when I worked there.

However, Kamila decides to weave in a lot more detail and does not expose the ‘Why? Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final shamxie may vary depending on your country of residence. Especially since I might not even have a reason kamial return like Karim did This is the second book I have read of hers, the first being Broken Verses, and she just keeps getting better with everything I read of hers.

In Kamila Shamsie’s case, this is Orange’s assertion that she is one of its “writers for the 21st century”. Otherwise it may be difficult to connect to. A recommended read for anyone who has spent life in Karachi.

How we didn’t know about the family secrets, the secrets that were too big that they can alter the course of rest of our lives. Basically, refuse to share his opinion and all you’re getting is an attitude.

Sonia is in fact a bit dim, but Zia, who is painted as something of a Woosterish drone, is smart enough to say, at 13, that the point of smoking is to draw attention to the lips, which is exactly right.

This is a must -read for anyone who wishes to read an excellent piece of contemporary literature, but it is a musn’t-miss-at-any-cost for anyone even remotely connected to the city of Karachi.


Do you know how hard your heart beats when you’re lost? Semi-interesting characters, the obstacles-kind-of-love-story, a very strong and admirable sense of place. A rather disappointing early book by the author of Home Fire. Zafar’s hysteria is flat.

It’s in a completely different writing style than the rest of the book i. The strong bond of friendship between these two groups of friends and a huge transformation due to changing circumstances, both in the past and shamsoe, the nature and intensity of their love, their changing nature and personalities, all with such precision just melts into a complete beauty.

Kartography: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Kartography is a coming of age story of four friends. The Place of Politics.

I’m curious to know what others thought of the ending, but without writing a spoiler review I don’t understand it AT ALL. Raheen’s father was once engaged to Karim’s mother, and her mother was once engaged to his father, yet the families strangely maintained close ties. It brought back many memories of Karachi, good and bad.

Excuse us, you want to say, but we, and our descendants, will be the judges of that. The writing style is gorgeous. But at the heart of the romance is the knowledge that those hands may wander off elsewhere, but somehow through luck or destiny or plain blind groping they’ll find a way back to you, and maybe you’ll be smart enough then to be grateful for everything that’s still possible, in spit of your own weaknesses- and his.

Probably good if you want something easy for your next long flight.


Each is very different from the other. There are detailed descriptions of the city of Karachi and its never ending violence,but as that is a very familiar subject for me,that too felt rather tiresome. Paperbackpages. But if we allow for erasure we tell ourselves that things can be forgotten, put in the dustbin.