Kalighat Paintings refer to the class of paintings and drawings on hand-made or more usually on machine-made paper produced by a group of artists called. Kalighat Paintings is a form of Indian modern art that is inspired by religious and mythological characters as well as civil life. Kalighat paintings, as the name suggests, were created in the Kali Temple area on the ghat (bank) of the Burin Ganga (a canal diverging from the Ganges River) .

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He also paints light, humorous works, including a series about working in the postal system. The scroll painters from West Bengal who opened shops in the Kalighat district and began painting religious subjects in the Kalighat style also became known for their satirical portrayals of Kolkata society — English sahibs riding elephants, wealthy Calcutta babus liberalists immorally squandering wealth, and charlatan sadhus holy men succumbing to base desires.

Kalighat painting flourished from the early s for almost a century, but fell into decline after the advent of the more easily reproducible lithograph and photograph. Because Kalighat painting originated near the temple of the goddess Kali, female subjects are often shown as strong, in her honour. Bengalis Bengali renaissance List of Bengalis. As cheaper wood prints and then machine-printed images became kaalighat desirable to tourists visiting Kolkata, Kalighat painting declined.

Kalighat painting – Wikipedia

In the nineteenth century, the only school of painting that was flourishing in Bengal was the traditional art of scroll paintings that was popular in the rural areas.

The material evidences like type of paper and colours used by the patuas point towards the first half of the 19 th century for the origin of the type. Kalibhat popular subjects were not wanting either.

People Bengalis Bengali renaissance List of Bengalis. Radha Krishna Figure 4: From the reproductions which accompany this article it will be seen that the drawings, by means of a few broad strokes of the brush, give a vigorous outline of a God or of some legendary subject, or sketch some purely social subject treated in a spirit of satire.

About Meet the people, discover the work, and learn the latest news first. In pqintings to the linear narrative style of the scrolls, Kalighat paintings depict klaighat single scene with graphic, simplified forms and often satirical, contemporary content. He tells his parents he will fly in it one day, and they smile at his ignorance.


The artists also chose to portray secular themes and personalities and in the process played a role in the Independence movement. Women in Kalighat painting. Written by Piali Roy. However, the visitors to Kalighat did not want to buy long scrolls which would take a lot of time to paint.

This trend continued up to the early part of the twentieth century and these paintings ended up in museums and private collections.

Due to the era in which Kalighat paintings were born, they were created with natural dyes and on easily available materials such as cloth and scrolls.

An important achievement of the Kalighat artistes was that they made simple paintings and drawings, which could easily be reproduced by lithography. His other interest is to do research on Terracotta architecture of Bengal.

Partha Sanyal is a Textile Engineer. Connect with vibrant ROM communities and access our extensive collections and curatorial expertise. Not being able to cope with the competition of machine-made productions cheaper than hand-drawn and hand painted pictures selling at two or four pice each, their children painings now taken to other professions.

Made on mostly cloth or paper scrolls, Kalighat paintings are so named due to the thriving settlement of the patuas or cloth-painters around the temples of Kali at Kalighat paintingz Kolkatta.

The Kalighat paintings were the sort of souvenir one could buy after a visit to the temple. This painting shows the strength of human bonds — between mother and child, and between lovers. It is one of the most well-recognized forms of Indian modern art that has been witnessed globally. Santiniketan, West Bengal -India.

Kalighat Paintings- Modern Art Inspired by Life in Kolkatta

In fact, both men were sent to trial and ultimately punished. Among the deities that the Kalighat artists painted, the goddess Kali was a favorite. The central female figure is shown supporting her lover and an angelic child while she stoically gazes ahead, her body still and statuesque, straight despite the weight of a branch that grows out of her heart.

The human figures are treated in a bold and sincere manner and in their Indianness they are reminiscent of the classical art of India two thousand years old.


Foyer 12 Apply Foyer filter. The case sparked a mass public outcry calling for the kxlighat and rights of women in India, highlighting the high number of uninvestigated rape cases and the victim-blaming by authorities and perpetrators.

The earliest form of art in Bengal was done on cloth or patas and even paper scrolls depicting scenes from Paitnings religious painttings like the Rama Charita Manas.

Kalighat Paintings: Murder in the Collection

Previous post Next post. One artist would paint the outlines which would then be coloured in by women artists, each one assigned a different colour.

They set up institutions that imparted a European style of academic training to Indian artists. This subject was also reproduced many times in Oaintings paintings. Their move to settle around the temples, especially Kalighat Temple, was deliberate because this is where the pintings of their art were most appreciated.

Decorating the walls was a very old tradition in India, whether in temples, palaces or even the humble houses of the poor.

January 1 – 5. Basement 10 Apply Basement filter. Girl playing a Sitar.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Living Room 12 Apply Living Room filter. The Board of Governors is responsible for all philanthropic activities. Kalam Patua has worked in the Indian postal system for most of his adult life, mainly in remote West Bengal branches, only pursuing his passion for painting at night. Garage 10 Apply Garage filter. To avoid being swept away, Patua holds on to a stick that his uncle carries in his mouth.

Today the practice of Kalighat paintings still continues in the villages of Bengal where the rich traditions are proudly being carried out by the patuas which are being handed down through ppaintings generations. This work pays tribute to those runners who dedicated their lives to delivering mail at any cost.

Besides his profession, he is having interest to explore traditional arts and heritages of Bengal.