This page describes the procedure of Kalasha Sthapana. This page provides Mantras which are chanted during Kalasha Sthapana. Diwali Puja Vidhi». Puja. Home · Deeksha Rules Puja Saranu Gosha. [Swamy Ayyappa][Puja]. [ Home][Deeksha Rules][Puja][Saranu Gosha]. [email protected] Varalakshmi Vratam is hindu festival performed by married woman in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for the well being of family members especially husband.

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Distribute them as Prasad or use them as you please. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kalasha. Tanbolum or grren aaku or kalasq. Devotion and appreciating the concept behind the Ganesh Patri Puja tradition is important. It is used for religious and social ceremonies. Snaanam panchaamruthair deva gruhaana gananaayaka Anaatha naatha!

Aayanthu deva poojaardham durithakshaya kaarakaa: Athraa gaccha jagad dhvandya sura raajaar chitheswara. Offer Durva to Kalasha and read the following Mantra.

After offering the five things, stand up in the place and perform Maa Durga poja with camphor flame. Therefore take the puja very seriously and exhibit full devotion, concentration and love. Depending on the custom in your locality, the Ghat can be placed on or near the clay pot.

Swami Ayyappa Puja

Following the puja, invite small girls in a group for partaking food at your home. Suraagrajaaya Namaha Ganakeepathrena Poojayaami. Purity of the mind and body is very important during the puja. Raajitham brahma soothram cha kaanchanam chottha reeyakum gruhaana deva sarvagna bhakthaanaam ishtadaayaka varasiddhi vinaayakaaya yagnopa veetham samarpayaami. How to read time shown as Drop soil and barley on the place of Kalasha and read the following Mantra. Neevu mundu mundu theeruthundannavu.

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Navratri Puja Vidhi: Complete Puja Procedure For Households

Vastrum samarpayami add flower. Daaniki vachina devadi devathalu, rushulu Sri Krishnuni tho Swamy! It is usually a customary practice to observe the growth of the barley in the clay pot. Ayinmida puvvuto aavu paalu jaalali. Since the number is huge it has been abridged to Jeevithecha nashishthondi naa apacharamu mannichi nannu kapadu.

The Purna-Kalasha is worshipped in all Hindu festivities related to marriage and childbirth, as a mother goddess or Devi.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. The Kalasha motif was used in decorating bases and capitals of pillars from the 5th century.

Kalasha Sthapana Vidhi | Procedure of Kalasha Sthapana

Sow the barley seeds in it. Take some flowers and raw rice in your hands and chant the following prayer: Dani mida haldi ganapati pettu.

Dantho Sri krishnudu oorukunnadu. Maa boti alpula maatemiti? Useful Tips on Panchang. Pasupu ganapati tayyar chesuko. Malasa other projects Wikimedia Commons. Gajakarnakaaya Namaha Thulaseepathrena Poojayaami.

Here is an easy to do Navratri puja vidhi for those who wish to perform it in their homes. Adi surya varamu valla pondedu. Gange cha yamune chaiva godaavari sarasvathi Narmade sindhu kaaveri jalevi smin sannidhim kuru. Anaadha naadha sarvagna geervaana ganapoojitha. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo. Chant Maa Durga Mantras and invite her presence in the altar and request her to stay with yelugu accepting the puja over the nine days.


The Shira is kept facing the sky. The Kalasha is believed to contain amritathe elixir of life, and thus is viewed as a symbol of teougu, wisdom, and immortality.

Navratri Puja Vidhi: Complete Puja Procedure For Households

Bellum nd 2 kela naivedyum. Dani mida aaku pettu. Add red flower or vastrum.

Set up the altar, spread the red cloth on it, place the idol or picture of Maa Durga. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kanakadhara Stotram for grace of Goddess Lakshmi in every house. Remove the picture or idol of Maa Durga from the altar and place it back in the original permanent place. The Ganga jal in the sacred pot can be sprinkled on the heads kzlasa all the family members and in all places of the household.

Wave the arati to Maa Durga, Ghat and the deities present in the ghat. Ganaadhipaaya Namaha Bruhathee Pathrena Poojayaami.